hi! my name is nichol naranjo. i am married to my high school sweetheart, who is the handiest man around. i have three incredible and creative daughters who are 20, 16, and 14. we have two dogs that make us laugh on a daily basis and make cameos quite often on my instagram account; luka is our yorkie (and the only other male, besides my husband) in our home. liberty is our sassy great dane, but boy is she a sweetheart.


i started my interior styling instagram account just over a year ago during christmas of 2015. as my following has grown and i have fallen in love with the instagram community, i began to want to share more about my designs; the process that goes into them, mentally, physically, and even emotionally. i also began to desire to share more about me, my family, and the day to day stuff that inspires me. i even have a secret love for fashion that most of you do not know about. so i guess this blog isn't just an interior styling/design one, i think it may evolve into a lifestyle one as well. we shall see.


as a mother of teenage/grown children, my life looks quite different than those of you who have adorable, tiny children that still allow you to place bows or hats on their hair/head, and photograph them in their pajamas for the world to see. my life also looks different than those of you who do not have children and maybe live a life of jet setting and sushi! oh how i fondly remember those early days of motherhood. they were beautifully exhausting. i'm the next phase kind of mom (still exhausted by the way), and can i tell you something? it's pretty freakin' awesome! no, it's not always easy or a picnic, as parenting never is, but my daughters are such a joy, and my husband is pretty darn amazing too. as for jet setting? well, hopefully that will be in a future chapter of my life! like all other families, mine is far from perfect, but we sure do love each other, jesus, our pups, adventure, and chips & salsa. give us all the chips & salsa! so, grab a cup of coffee, curl up in a comfy spot, and stay a while.