how it all started

i was a little late to the instagram game, or so i thought, but now i'm finding that, like the real world, the instagram world is constantly welcoming new faces. you see, about two years ago, my youngest daughter continually tried to persuade me to post photos of our home on instagram, but i continually told her that i simply did not have the time, nor the desire to do so. a year later, she continued to encourage me to start a public instagram account, and by this time i figured, what do i have to lose? besides, i was flattered that my almost thirteen year old (at the time) thought i was still cool enough for instagram. not to mention, i was craving a creative outlet of some sort, one that i could pursue from home, because i am still homeschooling the said youngest daughter. so, at christmastime 2015, i went for it. i remember my daughter saying, "mom! what if you get a thousand followers?!?" i just chuckled at the obviously absurd thought, because it seemed so far fetched, and i honestly didn't mind if no one followed me because i would never put that expectation on anyone. i didn't want even my closest friends and family to feel the obligation to follow me.

i had no idea what this new world i was entering was really like, or that it even existed! collaborations and sponsored posts were foreign words to me as far as social media went. none of those words ever even crossed my mind! i didn't even know they were really a thing. i mean, i must have heard somewhere along that line that celebrities and "mega" instagrammers obtained such luxuries, but i honestly never really thought about it. looking back, i see that christmastime is a strange time to start an account because it's already such a busy season, and christmas decor can be oh so very personal. really, i guess all decor is, but christmas seems extra personal to me. i started my account as a "baby" with zero followers and quickly gained three because my sweet husband and older daughters wanted to continue to be fed. ha ha! i remember waking up the mornings after i just started my account and immediately deleting and blocking spammers because i wanted to know who the "real" people following me were, what constructive feedback did they have to offer, what did their accounts look like? i remember being a bit frustrated because if you've ever started a new account on instagram in the past year or so, the rules have changed. you can't comment on more than "x" amount of accounts for several weeks! there were what seemed to be weird restrictions to ensure i wasn't a spammer. now, let me tell you, as someone who has always loved to comment on posts (even back when i started my private account way back when) it was hard to be so limited. i genuinely enjoy encouraging and telling people what i like about their posts, so not being able to always do so was tough! eventually, that restriction was lifted, but i found that it actually helped me to focus on a smaller audience, which was great because i met some of the most amazing people that way! i found an instagram family that i still interact with today. we get to "ohhh and ahhh" as we see each other grow and our homes evolve.

as my instagram began to grow and people began to ask me what my inspiration was for certain designs, etc, i began to want to share on a deeper level. the idea of a blog seemed a bit overwhelming, because again, it takes time, and perhaps i feel a bit vulnerable. it's funny because i have no problem sharing my home with the entire world, but sharing personal details about my life...well that's a whole other ball game. however, i think i'm ready...maybe. i did know by fall of 2016 that i definitely wanted and needed a blog because i want to not only share about my love for interiors, but i also want to give you more of a glimpse of what really goes on once you pass through the pink door...