how marriage is like interior design

okay, if you are an interior designer/stylist/lover, you probably know where i'm going with this one. you know how you can crazy love styling your home, but sometimes you want to say, forget it, i quit! well, marriage can be very much the same way, right? i guess that can apply to any relationship in life, really. so even if you aren't married, keep reading. ;)

my husband and i have been married for over twenty years now and have been together for over twenty-three, and like my home, my marriage is continually evolving. for instance, once upon a time i had an obsession with all things sea foam green. i mean, i went on a mad hunt for sea foam green sheers to swag over my windows back in 1998 because i was so obsessed, and they just had to match my sea foam green chenille pillows and my sea foam green berber style rug, of course! eventually and fortunately, the sea foam green phase slowly withered away.

so how is that like marriage, you ask? well, what once worked for me and my husband doesn't necessarily work today. you see, i still enjoy beautiful window coverings but they are quite different now, and in ten years i imagine i'll laugh at my current ones too. when our daughters were small, we needed date nights, and often, which meant we needed babysitters, and again, often. today, our daughters are out of the house so frequently (especially on the weekends) that we kind of date all weekend long. no babysitters necessary anymore. it's pretty fantastic. however, we still have to be just as intentional, just like the new window coverings aren't going to pick and hang themselves, neither will our date mornings/days/nights happen by themselves. now, let me just say this - ours is a marriage far from perfect, so i hardly say this as an expert, but i was just thinking of how the two are similar.

just think about it, when you're trying to "spruce up" or maybe even repair a marriage, it can be an overwhelming mess. same with decorating a home. i say this as paint cans sit on my dining room room and a ladder continually leans against a wall in the hallway this past several days- a necessary mess to get to the good stuff. i think it's important we: recognize when there is a need for change, embrace that need, understand our spouse is going to grow and change because as humans, we're supposed to, and when there's a minor leak or even major flood damage, go into action and take the steps necessary to repairing whatever damage may have occurred. again, this can apply to any relationship we have in life: family, friendships, even relationships at work.

obviously the latter can look very different based on different "damaging" situations. so, my advice is to put in the necessary work, my friends. remember all of that scrubbing, painting, and big ol' mess will pay off in the end, because i believe hard work is never wasted. the final outcome may not be what you originally envisioned, in fact it may be completely opposite of what you had hoped for (and that's okay), but never be afraid to pull up your sleeves and get to work. the best things often come from the hardest of work.

all that said, i want to share these amazing photos we recently had taken by tish carlson from she even took a few of our bedroom decor, and i just had to include a few of those as well. this was the first time dominic and i have ever had a couples photo session done. we never took engagement photos, and our wedding photos included a happy and chubby five month old princess. i'm not at all complaining, just a realization i came to when we took these. i am grateful for these photos and for the special morning we had while taking them. tish is a wizard with the camera and at making you feel all of the feels (by the way, my husband was not acquainted with the phrase "feel all of the feels" and i'm sure he thought i went off the deep end when he read it.) ha ha! so without further ado, here are a few of our photos...