the dark side

okay, so if you've been following me on instagram, you know i'm giving my house a "mini" makeover, or at least that's what i call it to keep the hubs from completely freaking out. ha! really though, he's a really chill and sweet guy, and like i've mentioned before, so insanely handy...handsome too. lucky me!

i think a common thing a lot of interiors lovers battle is their love for white and bright vs. dark and moody. i know it's definitely a struggle for me, at least, and i was reminded of it as i began my aforementioned makeover. this is why i need multiple homes, people, so that i can not only play out all of my interior fantasies, but so that i can live amongst them as well. ;) so, as a new year approached, i knew, like always, i would want to start switching stuff up a bit (or a lot) around my house. we painted our bedroom all white, literally top to bottom, at the beginning of 2016. it was a dull white/cream before, but it needed a fresh coat of paint and i really wanted a brigher, cleaner white and i have absolutely loved it! however, while tackling the rest of our first floor (which is where our entryway, dining space, kitchen, living room, and guest bathroom all exist and basically look into each other) the battle of "summer at the beach" and bright white, or a "stormy day at sea" and moody dark grey began. can i tell you something, it's still an internal battle, even now as i have most of it painted in the most perfect shade of dark grey, mind you. really, it's the exact grey i had hoped for. i love it so much, yet i simultaneously crave an all white home as well. i do recognize the battle would still exist even if the tables were turned and i lived in an all white home.

so, why did i decide to go ahead and go to the dark side, rather than go all white, which i already know i love so much? well, for one, i know it's just paint, and i can paint over it. yes, it's a bit time consuming and it costs money, but it's just paint. i also really wanted to know, can i live in a dark interior? i mean, i tell people all of the time to go for it, but could i? how well could i style a dark interior as my own? this one may sound silly, but i also began to think that when i'm older i'm not sure i'll want to live within dark walls, so no time like the present! not to mention, i really desire to constantly challenge myself and grow in design. all of these factors began to dance around in my head, and before i knew it, dark became the obvious choice...for now anyway. ;) i also honestly knew since the beginning of my venture into "the dark side" that I would probably eventually switch my paint to all white next time around because i love to change things up, and often, but for now, for 2017, or at least most of it, i will live in a deliciously moody home, and i promise i will let you know at the end of the year all the experiences that came with doing so - both positive and negative!

i can tell you this - my family is absolutely loving the change and that makes me ridiculously happy. i definitely need more lighting throughout my first floor now, but i haven't had the time to really figure out what i want in the lighting department yet. in my own home, i tend to like to let things evolve and kind of figure out many of the details as i go along. i still have a lot to do to, but i'm happy with the progress, so far. for those of you who have been asking, the color on the walls is ocean storm by valspar paint. very fitting for a girl who loves the ocean, don't you think?

i have found that with darker walls i might be forced to finally start using a real camera for my photos, rather than my iphone. i have been wanting to do so anyway, but i've been procrastinating. since dark walls are definitely trickier to photograph (or maybe it's just me), it's time i learn to use one of my husband's many cameras. fortunately, he's quite skilled in the photography department and happy to teach me. unfortunately for him, i'm not always the best student, especially if i'm hangry. ;)

thank you all for coming along with me as i venture into new territory and please feel free to let me know your experiences with dark interiors and any tips you may have as well!

p.s. - be sure to click through the slideshow to see my latest photos of my dark walls.