bringing nature indoors in an unexpected way

gone are the days of our mothers and grandmothers dreary and tacky wallpapers that consisted of fruit in a bowl and dreary floral borders. don't get me wrong, i absolutely love the fresh and modern floral wall murals of today, but the wallpapers of the eighties and nineties were just downright tacky. i also love how a wall mural has the ability to change any space and the depth it can add to that space as well. i find it especially beautiful when it mimics nature, and pixers has just come out with a line that does just that in their new collection called nature hues. the best part, well aside from how gorgeous the patterns are, is how easy their pixerstick is to apply! i chose a pattern that is called "magic of a stone" and it basically reminds me of the inside of the geode mixed in with rushing water. it can be found here: magic of a stone. it really is rather stunning. believe me, anytime i can bring the outdoors into my home (in a tasteful manner, mind you) i absolutely will, and this is definitely one of those times. ;)

if you follow me on instagram, you are familiar with my personalized "fireplace" in my bedroom. really, it's just a mantel against what was once a boring wall. i will one day have to share my mantel story with you, but that's for another day. ;) to change up the look of my faux fireplace i added wall mural to the inside that is easily interchangeable. i used a thin, very inexpensive flat board that i found at my local hardware store, to adhere the mural to in order to achieve this look, and it makes it really easy to switch out the design according to my mood. that's the beauty of pixerstick wall mural, because it's so easy to work with anyone can pretty much apply it to any flat surface, so the sky's the limit! remember pixerstick isn't strictly for a wall, and you can use it in large or small capacities and personalize any space that you want!

nature hues is absolutely breathtaking and the patterns are reminiscent of rocks, trees, water, air, and other elements of nature. the pretty pastel colors are soft, yet natural, and quite honestly i have the hardest time choosing which pattern i love the most because each carries its own unique and desirable look. as if that isn't enough, how amazing is this - while showcasing our beautiful earth in these wall mural images, pixers also wanted to respect our earth by printing on natural materials and using ecological paints! now that's admirable! bravo, pixers!

you must take a look at this strikingly beautiful collection and see how easy it is to install!

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*thanks to pixers for sponsoring this post!