you did what to your floors?!?

hi guys! something i get asked about quite often is my white bedroom floor. what is it made of? how did i accomplish the look? was it hard? so i want to tell all of you about it and assure you that it was such an easy and inexpensive project.

it all started last year (2016) when my husband and i decided to makeover our bedroom. we knew one of the top priorities on our makeover list was to replace the carpet with a solid surface. our bedroom is the only one located downstairs (a great feature for those of us with older kids btw ;) - ha) and the rest of our flooring downstairs is a wood laminate. i knew it would be a challenge to match the laminate exactly, and honestly i wanted something fresh, new, and bright...but we didn't want to spend a lot of money. you see, if you are familiar with our design sponge house tour, you know that we live in a tract home and hope to one day move to our "forever home", but the housing market isn't quite where it needs to be yet in order for us to sell. all that to say, we've made the best of our situation with incredibly thankful hearts to even be fortunate enough to have a home. however, we've also tried our best to not over invest in this home as far as materials/makeovers go.

so, back to the affordable options now that i've explained to you one of the several reasons carrara marble isn't one of those options. ;) as we began to look at the possibilities for our new floor, i kept voicing to my husband that all i wanted was a white floor and paint should do the trick! i had painted our small master bathroom floor just a year or so prior and we were happy with it. okay, let me back up a bit - so my husband is sort of a perfectionist/type a kind of guy (which i really do love) but it has taken years for him to just succumb to my "just rig it and make it work" mentality that i inherited from both of my free-spirited parents. soooo when i mentioned this option my poor husband looked a little worried and began to explain his justified reasons that led to his less than enthusiastic response. basically, he worried about the floors not being leveled, cracked, and flawed, which would mean leveling and basic concrete work. now don't get me wrong, my husband is very skilled and not one to shy away from such a challenge, he just knows my impatient "just make it work in a day" attitude. i explained to him that i didn't care about the cracks and imperfections, but in fact, i preferred them. basically, i'm a hippie that has been transported to 2017. it took him a few minutes (aka as hours or days) to accept my "screw the cracks and uneven surface! white paint covers a multitude of sins!" mantra. sometimes my carefree ideas work, sometimes not so much. this time it definitely paid off!

i forgot to mention that the #1 reason we needed to replace the carpet, aside from our great dane's rebellious puppy stage that led her to chew through our carpet down to the concrete, in not one, but two different areas of our bedroom (aren't puppies fantastic?), were my allergies. you may or may not know, but i have severe allergies (environmental/food) and i mean severe. not just the sneezy, watery eyes, seasonal allergies that make you feel miserable (although those come with my deluxe allergy package), i'm talking i sometimes go into anaphylactic shock. that's right - i do the whole pass out and stop breathing number that scares the crap out of my family and friends. i'll share more on that another time. so, anyway, carpet is no bueno for me.

all of that to give you the low-down on how to get your own painted concrete floor! ha ha! here's the gist of it, my friends:

- obviously, we started by removing our existing carpet, which we cut into long strips with a razor, rolled up, and moved out.

- while assisting my husband in doing this, i also listed the carpet and carpet pad on craigslist under the "free" section. my husband wasn't sure anyone would show up for days to collect the remnants, if at all, but i knew someone would claim that stuff before we could finish taking it out. guess what? that's exactly what happened. craigslist to the rescue once again!

- after removing the carpet, we removed the tack strips that kept the carpet in place. another easy task, but a bit time consuming.

- then we swept, vacuumed, and mopped the floor reallllly well.

- we knew designated, durable floor paints existed out there in the paint world, but since we were painting our bedroom as well, we decided - why not use the same paint we were using on the walls on the floor as well and just see what happens? again, that may have been my "let's just get it done" suggestion, but again, my husband rolled with my insanity.

- we then used two coats of primer - just the inexpensive stuff from lowe's.

- then we painted - it took two coats and voila...we had a new floor that we both loved and still love!

i must say that my bedroom is pretty heavily trafficked with three daughters, a husband, two crazy dogs, and myself on a daily basis and it has held up extremely well. granted, you can always touch up paint, so that's another bonus, however i haven't had to do that yet. to clean the floor, i simply vacuum and clean it with my shark steamer. it really is easy and low-maintenance.

okay, so are there any negatives, you ask? well, i guess if i had to say yes, it would be that since we do not have radiant heating the concrete can be a bit cold during the winter months, but nothing socks or slippers can't fix. they're glorious in the summer though. ;) if we ever move and if our future house has carpet, i will immediately rip it out and do the same thing all over again, at least until i can decide on what i really want and until i have the funds to do so - that's how happy i am with them.

i hope this information is helpful! i wish i had taken photos along the way to share with you, but it really is so basic and easy. i know just about anyone can do it! here are the results...