the perfect sweater for three seasons

hey guys! well, this is my first "fashion" post, and i use that term verrryyy lightly, because as you can see the look here is very casual and simple. i wish i could go barefoot all day, everyday...yet another reason i need to live on the beach in hawaii. ;) as i dive into the fashion side of things here on my blog, and on instagram, i have had to really examine what exactly would that look like for me, someone known more for interior styling. then i decided, why not marry the two? sharing some of my outfits in my own home seems like a great way to still give you both worlds, plus it allows me to be photographed where i'm most comfortable. ;) like everything (including my home) i'm sure these fashion posts will evolve over time, as will my blog.

now, let me share a bit about this outfit with you - when i saw this sweater, i had to have it. it's comfortable and cozy, yet stylish, which is always a winning combo in my book! the twist back makes it a great choice for spring as well. simply pair it with shorts, a skirt, or layer it over a cute dress for a cooler, spring look. if it's still quite cold where you live, you can also layer it for those colder temps - think a collared button-up, turtleneck, or even a cami. have fun with it! it really is a fabulous piece, and so soft to the touch as well. the twist back allows you to wear it off the shoulder, if you choose, but you're most certainly not tied to that look, if you prefer to keep both shoulders put.

now, let me also tell you about these vegan leather pants! i lovvveee them, and again, i will wear them well into spring. just pair them with a nice flowy blouse, pretty cami, graphic tee, or tank top, and you're set! these pants are also very comfy and i love the stretch they allow in the back. if you look closely, you'll see that they have vegan leather in the front only, but are stretch material in the back. however, this is not one of those party up front and business in the back looks, it's basically party all around. ha! did i mention they're machine washable?!? oh and here's the real kicker, they're on mega sale now, so get them fast before they're gone!

you can shop the look here (both outfit and home) with the links i have provided below the photos. i posted some alternatives for the sweater as well.