out of this world design

hey guys! so you've probably noticed that i don't take design too seriously. what i mean by that is, i like a little whimsy and quirkiness, along with a bit of edginess, to flow into interiors. i think even the stuffiest of rooms can benefit from something quirky and unexpected. anyone who knows me knows i'm a sea loving gal. i'm basically a mermaid trapped in this land locked body. i used to dream of being a marine biologist growing up, and still do. however, i am almost equally attracted to outer space, almost. ;) i think it's the unknown, the vastness of it all, that appeals to me, and many of you as well. basically, give me some astronauts, moons, planets, and mobiles - basically all design elements you see in a seven year old boys bedroom, but in the grown-up, slightly more sophisticated version, and by that i mean non-primary colors, and i'll do the moon walk from here to...well, my front door because my moon walk basically sucks.

here are a few of my favorite "out of this world" accessories...

this moon garland and planter make me smile on a daily basis, and i look forward to seeing where else they end up in my home. the moons on the garland have a hammered effect on them, which i adore, and remind me of the actual craters on moons.

i currently have an air plant in my moon planter, but the possibilities are endless!

okay, you seriously have no idea how ridiculously happy this print, by fran rodriguez, makes me! when i saw it, i knew it was "the one". i mean, it's an astronaut either surfacing or submerging into the water, while surrounded by palm trees. simply brilliant! fran's artwork is truly amazing!

the jupiter painting was a gift to my husband (from our daughter michaela) several years ago. she too is a talented artist, and although i may be a bit biased, it's true. ;)

now, this mobile isn't technically one of the solar system, but to me, it's close enough. isn't it funny to think that mobiles have been fascinating us since infancy?!? ha!

don't be afraid to add some whimsy to your home, not only will it draw your guests in and start great conversations, but it will add interest and allow yourself to daydream - just like you did when you rode bikes or roller skates to the local public pool. ahhh...those were the days.

you can shop any of the items i listed below! :) maybe the solar system or sea doesn't do it for you, but embrace whatever it is that does do it for you, and rock it in your own home!