spring has sprung

hello friends! well, spring is here and it's making its way to my wardrobe! i saw this dress and instantly fell in love, and when i discovered it was only $17, that's right...seventeen buckaroos... i had to have it! with easter, weddings, and graduation parties within arms reach, i figured it would be a good dress to have on hand. i suspect my daughters will "borrow" it as well. ;) here's one thing you'll quickly learn about me - i. love. dresses. i love dresses like oprah loves bread. i hope you read that in her voice when she proclaims her love for bread on that now famous weight watchers commercial. p.s. - i can toootalllyyy relate, oprah. bread is divinity. ;)

now, back to why i love dresses so much - it's simple, they make getting dressed insanely easy. one piece and you're done. the simplicity and comfort that comes with wearing a dress is enough to make any girl happy. now, i think we can all tend to get into ruts, and wear the same outfit over and over again, but i encourage you - change up those accessories and you'll make the most out of any clothing items in your closet. for this post i decided to show you this dress accessorized three different ways.

the first look is my "wedding/date night/dressier look", because (although a tad difficult to see due to my flooring) i'm wearing brown suede high heeled sandals. any strappy heels, wedges, or espadrilles (neutral or colorful) would look fabulous when wanting to dress up this beautiful off-the-shoulder piece.

the second look is paired with an unexpected bohemian statement necklace. although barefoot here, i would easily pair this with flip flops. if you know me, then you know, aside from being barefoot, flips flops are my favorite! yet another reason to move to hawaii, guys. ;) also, here's proof that my macramé swing does get used, for those who often ask. ;) this swing is still one of my best thrift finds to date!

the third look is my sporty-boho-chic look. is that even a thing? the title makes me feel a bit like a spice girl! ha ha! another accessory i often wear is a baseball/trucker hat. i "borrowed" my husband's for this look. i often steal his hats, and i love this one from aviator nation - a super rad store in malibu, california. check it out, if ever in the area. i decided to go with gladiator sandals for this outfit, but really, i would probably prefer to wear it with flips flops. however, i want to remind you (and myself) to think outside of the box. try out your own various looks with all of those fabulous accessories you have just lying around, begging to be worn (we all have them), and make your favorite dress take you through spring and summer, without looking like you're wearing the exact same outfit over and over again.

i hope spring is treating all of you well. this season always reminds me that new things are blooming on the horizon! so grab those new opportunities by the horns and don't let go, my friends! p.s. - feel free to shop this look below. :)