hustle to play!

hey guys! i often get asked what it's like to work from home, and the truth is...i love it! it allows me to be easily and readily available to my family during this busy season in our lives, especially to my youngest daughter whom i currently homeschool. i do have to say that when you work from home (even if that means you're a stay-at-home parent), you have to be intentional with your time, otherwise your days will be filled with choas, sweatpants, and a lot of chocolate. by the way, i don't consider yoga pants to be in the same family as sweatpants, and not all sweatpants are created equal. yoga pants are basically business attire when you work from home. ;) for me, this means scheduling my days at the beginning of the week, and actually writing down said schedule. i find that in my naturally laid back brain, simply typing my schedule into my phone calendar somehow translates (to myself) that it's not "official", and i either forget or procrastinate. writing my work schedule, obligations, along with the details, down on paper with an actual pencil/pen helps my scattered brain to have something to refer back to when i just want to go out and play.

now, i have to tell you that i am firm believer in working hard to play even harder. i am constantly reminding my daughters not to shy away from hard work and that typically - nothing good or worthwhile comes easy. just think about it - want a rockin' bod? you've got to earn it. you have got to take the time to workout, make that salad, and not just drive through the nearest fast food window. it's the hustle that allows for the fun. i honestly love to hustle, well when i have a goal or prize in mind anyway, that always helps. ;) as someone who loves interior design, i am obviously a visual person. i have always been a visual learner as well. so having visual reminders (i.e.; the written schedule i mentioned earlier) is huge for me! so when caseapp gave me the opportunity to design my very own custom laptop skin and custom phone case, i jumped all over it! after all, those two tools are my basically my office, both at home and when i'm mobile. a visual reminder on these two babies is huge for me! so, i sat down and began to customize my design with one of my favorite quotes in mind - "hustle to play!" those words really do motivate me, and when you combine them with a marble facade, throw in some pretty pale pink, and a palm tree - well, i'm one happy and motivated girl! the palm tree is a reminder of the vacations that are worthy of the hustle by the way.

aside from organizing my schedule weekly, i also try to adhere to these guidelines as i spend much of my time at home:

- create a beautiful, inspiring, somewhat clean space to work in.

- get dressed and showered. this happens most days. i give myself grace if i'm sick or if i have a crazy deadline to meet, which happened just recently.

- put eye makeup on (or whatever it is that gives you a boost). i don't know why but this one makes a huge difference in my hustlin' attitude. ;) i'm a mascara addict, mind you, so whatever it is that helps you hustle a little extra, go for it - coffee, working out, your favorite hoodie, you know what makes you feel a little extra empowered.

- get out of my house at least once a day and into the sunlight and fresh air. even if this means just sitting in my backyard while drinking my coffee or with my laptop, i feel like it's vital to get out into the sunlight.

- don't neglect friendships. if you're a natural homebody, this can be a tougher one, but a simple coffee date can make all of the difference.

- exercise is another big one for me. i spend much of my time sitting at my laptop or phone working away, and yes, for me (and many of you), social media is often a part of my work. so stretching those legs every now and then does me some good.

- enjoy the flexibility and throw out the rules...sometimes. this means i don't feel guilty if i work from my cozy bed with a cup of coffee close by, especially on gloomy days. ;)

figure out what your guidelines should look like. what works for you. all of us are motivated by different things, so find your strengths and happy zone. i must say, as a creative, i hate the word "rules", so "guidelines" seems to work better for me. guidelines leave room for flexibility ;) i also have to mention that creating a beautiful and inspiring space applies to my "office equipment" as well. so my custom skin and phone case from caseapp help meet this criteria, and i love that you can design them to your liking!

i think the important thing to remember is that the hustle is worth it! we work smarter, not necessarily harder - although i am a firm believer in working hard too, and we do it all so we can play, so we can support and create memories with those we love most, so we can give back, so we can take part in something bigger than us. so hustle this week, my friends! do all things with excellence!



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