my ridiculously easy diy living wall...

hey friends! so this is just a quick diy of my very own, very small, living wall. i have been obsessed with living walls for quite some time now and have always dreamed of having a giant one of my own. until then, this small scale one makes me very happy. last weekend my husband and i were perusing every single aisle in the garden section at lowe's, when i suddenly spotted this guy and a lightbulb went off. i had been trying to decide what i wanted to hang above the new artwork in this space, and when i saw this sheet of succulents - i knew it was perfect! it's meant to be a ground cover - one that doesn't require being buried into the soil, and that can be cut into sections to your liking/needs. it is also low maintenance and requires little watering...bonus! in fact, this stuff is so hardy you can mow right over it with a lawn mower! i quickly told my husband about my "living wall" idea and he was all for it. so, we practically skipped to the register {okay, i practically skipped, dominic is much more composed than i}. ;) when we got my new green treasure home, i decided i didn't want to frame it out, but rather allow it a natural and clean look. i wanted to simply keep it in the plastic crate it came in. this really is the easiest "diy" ever!

- to keep the sheet of plants from falling out of its crate while hanging on the wall, my husband and i simply sewed the sheet to the crate. we threaded some green gardening twine through the holes in the back of the crate and through the actual plants. we used a large upholstery needle we had from a previous project to do so. {see photos below.}

- we added a loop to the back to hang it on the wall as well. a little twine goes a long way, and you may need two sets of hands for this part, simply for careful handling, and to avoid breaking off any of the plants. after it's stitched to the crate, you're done!

of course, i will remove it from the wall and water it in the sink, when needed. i am honestly obsessed with this stuff and it's taking all i have not to carpet every surface inside and outside of my house with it! oh and did i mention it was only $12.97? the price on the table said $20, but we double checked with our cashier when she said it was $12.97, and indeed it was! i love it when that happens! the possibilities are endless with this green magic carpet, so go get some and get your creative on!