flamingo fiesta!

hi guys! if you've been following me on instagram for a while now, you know that i love flamingos! i don't necessarily collect them, but they just make me really happy. i mention not collecting them so that i don't end up with all things flamingo this mother's day. ;) you have also probably discovered that i like to switch things up in my house, and often. so, when i'm given the ability to make an easy, yet impactful change, like the recent one i made with pixerstick wallpapers, i jump with joy!

seriously, how fun and perfect is this wallpaper for my home?!? i loved the sample on pixers' website, but when it arrived at my door, i loved it even more in person! really, i squealed with delight when i opened the box and unveiled the pattern. the colors and scale are perfection. you can actually have the pixerstick wallpaper patterns scaled to your preference - small or large!

how fantastic is that?!? it's also so, so, so easy to install! i'm telling you, you can install this stuff quickly and easily. it literally took me about 10 minutes to install, no joke! these wallpapers are self-adhesive by the way, which is the best and easiest, in my opinion. even my husband was surprised at how simple the process was. there is absolutely no need to be intimidated by this stuff, promise. ;)

pixers happens to have a wonderful variety of patterns too, so if flamingos aren't your thing, they've got you covered! ;) what i love about the beautiful selection of patterns is that they allow you to tell your story, with your design, in your home. i've said it before, but i believe it's so important to tell your story when you are designing your space. my family loves tropical vacations, which is why flamingos and tropical leaves suit us perfectly.

i encourage you to be bold in your design, even if it's on a small wall, like this one, or an entire room! this wall is one of my favorites in our house because it's the first one you see when you walk through our pink door and into our home. it's also the wall that proceeds our kitchen, and i think this pattern makes for a fun entrance.

take a look at their selection and let me know if you find the perfect pattern for your space! also, i have curated a guest board on pinterest with pixers, so go take a look and see which design you love most! basically, i need multiple homes so i can enjoy every single pattern i pinned, because i am in love with each one!



*thanks to pixers for sponsoring this post!