time...it really does fly, so make it count.

hi guys! it's nearly father's day and i don't know about you, but i find it difficult to shop for this day, especially for my husband. i mean, he works so hard for our family...ALL OF THE TIME, and i wish i could buy him his own private island, but since i can't, every year i struggle with buying him something special, useful, and stylish. this year, i found the perfect gift and i'm telling you - he absolutely loves it! ever since dominic saw my own jord timepiece , he has wanted one, because they are so unique and just sooo insanely gorgeous! i am thrilled he loves it because he sure does deserve it.

truth is, the man has been working his butt off since we married nearly 21 years ago. typing those words brings back a flood of memories for me - where we've been, how far we've come, how far we've yet to go. we all know that time flies, yet it always takes us by surprise, doesn't it? it seems like just yesterday my husband was helping me lug our three small girls around every where. every one warns you, especially the adorable elderly couples in the malls and at the parks - "don't blink, those children will be all grown up before you know it...times flies!" i remember we would gracefully nod our heads and agree, as though we knew, but really...we had no idea. how are our tiny ballerinas now all nearly grown?!? it's the natural course of life, it's supposed to happen, it's beautiful to watch...sometimes you want to bang your head against a wall, but it's beautiful nonetheless. ;) somehow, it still sneaks up on us. every year is your favorite year when you're a parent. every year you wish you could stop time and hit the pause button. yet, every year we are thankful we get to watch them grow {in every way possible}.

my husband is a very busy man. he's the kind that does not stop, seriously. from the moment dominic's feet hit the ground in the morning until the moment his head hits the pillow at night, he just goes and goes. i don't know how he does it, but i am grateful. since he is constantly on the go, he is a man who is constantly checking the time so that he can execute his lists and be where he needs to be - i admire that in him. as a creative, i often forget to check the time, in all honesty. it makes for interesting days. ;) i think our daughters will always remember their dad as the energizer bunny and their mom as the go with the wind, care-free type - that is until she's a royal mess and flipping out because she forgot to check the dang time.

all that to say, a watch {and a rad one at that} really is the perfect gift for him. it's masculine, resourceful, and it looks sooo good on my oh so handsome husband! we must remember to make time count - daily and all across the board. it really is important and doing so allows you to maximize the time we do have. let's make today count, my friends!

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