mirror, mirror on the wall...

hey guys! sooo, i was kind of a sarcastic and bratty child and now i'm sometimes...well a sarcastic and bratty adult. ;) since i was as both of those things, i remember as a child i would often refer to my mom as the "crazy mirror lady" - our poor mothers. she had mirrors {still does} all throughout our home and i felt like they were randomly strewn throughout. however, as i got older i realized how strategically and brilliantly each was placed. most of us know the benefits mirrors can add to our homes, but until you add one in that perfect spot, you just don't appreciate the power of a well placed mirror. my mother was the first design genius i ever encountered btw.

just a few months ago i added an inexpensive, large, and frameless mirror to a wall i've been meaning to for years...i mean, years now, and i can kick myself for waiting so long! of course, i knew a mirror on this particular wall would open the space, reflect light, and do wonders for this very blah wall. it has, surprisingly, superseded my expectations, which is always a bonus! i found it on craigslist for a killer deal and it has added so much to our living room, not to mention with three dancers in our house, it definitely comes in handy. my daughter's friends love to use it for selfies too...heck, so do i. ;)

mirror placement isn't really rocket science, after all, but a little thought into this process can make all of the difference. ask yourself:

1. what purpose will this mirror serve? is it to ensure that i have nothing in my teeth one final time before heading out the door, to reflect light, to keep my exercise routine in check? this simple question is the best place to start. by the way, if you answered solely for decorative purposes, i think you'll be surprised to find out there is no such thing. mirrors have a way of always adding more.

2. what will this mirror be reflecting? typically light is one thing most people hope to reflect with a mirror. now that my walls are darker in our main living areas, i know that i definitely aim to reflect as much natural light as possible - without looking like a vegas hotel, of course. ;) however, what else will that mirror be reflecting? think about it. once i wanted to add an entire mirrored wall to my dining room, but since it's so connected to my kitchen i knew that seeing dirty dishes and cooking/dinner prep messes in its reflection, while trying to eat dinner in not one, but two areas, would have me going nuts. analyzing what a mirror may actually reflect can achieve your goal and definitely reflect some much welcomed sunlight, but doing so can also save you some unnecessary stress {i.e.; looking at messes} and some embarrassing or unflattering angles at the same time. ;)

3. is the placement of this mirror in a safe area? this is especially important when you have small children, or rowdy teens.

remember - nothing has to be permanent. try placing mirrors in different areas of the house. hang them in unexpected places. they really do add depth, dimension, and the illusion of more space to a room or an area. since mirrors can be pricey, don't forget to check craigslist, yard/estate sales, stores with great sales like homegoods or target, or maybe even scout your own crazy mirror mom's/aunt's/grandma's house. ;) don't forget that an undesirable/outdated frame is an easy fix too.

the photos in this post display a few areas where we have found mirrors to be helpful in our own home. the mirrors on our master bathroom doors are simply the old builder grade mirror that used to hang above our sink. we took the large and unattractive mirror it to a mirror shop and had it cut to size, for literally a few dollars a door. then we added inexpensive, tall mirrors which add height and a more custom feel to our bathroom. here are similar ones at a great price.

definitely don't shy away from extra-large mirrors or odd shaped mirrors. as with all things design related, just think outside of the box or within the mirrored sphere {like my disco planter here} that was gifted to me. ;) don't be afraid to at least try out something new and even if you are afraid- still go for it. again, you can easily switch things out or back to your liking.

whatever you bring into your home just make sure that you love it and that it's a reflection of you - no pun intended ;). you can't go wrong whenever you go that route!