our pint sized paradise...

hi guys! if you follow me on instagram, you know my most recent craigslist find is one i'm absolutely crazy about! after wanting one for years, we finally have a greenhouse! i could not be more thrilled and am happy to share my experiences so far. something i've mentioned on my instagram before is that i am not the real craigslist queen, my husband is the craigslist king, and he is the one who finds our craigslist scores at least 95% of the time, including our new green haven. i am so thankful he enjoys the hunt. ;) it has a little wear in tear, mainly in one of the front panels where there is some peeling, but it's in great condition otherwise. i believe it was purchased by the original owners for around $1,600 and we were able to get it for $250 - a killer deal once you start pricing them out! it is made of polycarbonate and has a little sunroof that i adore and that is necessary during our warmer days.

now for the basics:

our greenhouse isn't very big, i mean, have you seen our backyard? ha. it's 6x8 ft, but perfect for us at this time. as i mentioned in my first greenhouse instagram post, my dream is to one day have a large greenhouse, one that i can put a large, rustic farm table in so we can enjoy many meals in it as a family one day. hey, it's good to have dreams/goals, right? plus, they {not sure who "they" are} say that you're more likely to accomplish your dreams/goals if you write them down - so here is my writing that one down...again. ;)

for now, we have our greenhouse in a corner of our yard that we weren't planning on putting it in originally, but the location is growing on me more and more. our original intention was to put it on the opposite corner, where our daughters old clubhouse resides, which is now almost completely abandoned, except for when the occasional child visits our home. the clubhouse is built about six feet above the ground, which is part of the reason we didn't just turn it into a greenhouse. it's kind of a pain to go up and down the stairs for such a daily task. not to mention, the effort we would have to put into it to turn it into a greenhouse just isn't worth the time or cost. our original thought was to take the clubhouse completely down and place the greenhouse in its place. however, a few things have kept us from doing so, such as: time, nostalgia, and more work. so for now, the clubhouse we are still so emotionally attached to is staying put and we are enjoying the greenhouse right where it is.

i was able to fit a small bistro set in our greenhouse, and yes, we actually go and sit in there. i plan to have a breakfast for two in there very soon. ;) it really is a small sanctuary for me that i escape to daily. the air quality is amazing too.

many of the pots are from estate, garage sales, and thrift stores. this brass one i recently found at an estate sale and it is my favorite! i just think it's fabulous.

you may or may not know, but this summer we purchased a couple of rose bushes in honor of my brother. at first, they were thriving, but began to decline rapidly and were nearly dead by october, and not because of the cooler temps. they just weren't healthy. i tried to not let their near death upset me, but once we put the two rose bushes in our greenhouse they began to thrive like never before! i go sit next to them every day and talk to or think or my brother. it's pretty special. the rest of our plants have been loving their new home as well and they have shown us so by their new growth and blooms. one of our plumeria bushes has bloomed two flowers so far and it smells like hawaii in our new jungle! divine!

some of you may wonder, why would one need a greenhouse in the desert? well, because this desert of ours does actually gets cold in the fall and winter. we've already had a few nights with freezing temps. so every year i'm forced to either bring my plants indoors or let them die with the freeze. most often i have to opt for the latter because of lack of space indoors. now, that said, we do have a small space heater {radiator style} in the greenhouse - another craigslist find by my hubby. we used to have it in our girls' clubhouse. it works like a champ and seems to be perfect for this size of greenhouse so far. i do have admit that we forgot to run it a few nights ago, when it was quite cold, and i do see the results of that negligence in a couple of our plants in there {mainly the plumerias}. i think they'll be okay though and i'm glad we're learning now before the really cold temperatures make their way into our neck of woods.

i've said it before, but my one regret with our greenhouse...we didn't buy one sooner. i really do love it that much. below i've included similar greenhouses and accessories, just in case you're ready to join the greenhouse club. ;)