to gallery wall or not to gallery wall...

hey guys! i want to weigh in on the debatable design move we've seen around for quite some time...the gallery wall. i honestly LOVE a good and well curated gallery wall. i must say, the one i've created in my living room gets a lot of oohs and aahs from our guests and it really enlarges our entire living room. i've notice that it draws people in and starts great conversations as well. so, how does one create a well curated gallery wall?

well, before tackling my own, i must admit i was a bit intimated and unsure. gallery walls can get a bad rep in the design world, you know? so, i sat down and knew i had to plan which direction i wanted mine to go in. i didn't want it to be too perfect and i wanted it to form organically, but i also didn't want to create too much chaos. since i was in the process of eliminating most color from my home at the the start of this new year {well, aside from greys, black, whites, and softer pinks} i decided black and white artwork was the route i wanted to take. i also knew i wanted my frames to be somewhat cohesive and did so by using all black frames. now, don't get me wrong, i have seen some fabulous colorful gallery walls, with a wide array of frames, that make me absolutely giddy. i just knew i wanted something a bit more muted.

i also believe every gallery wall needs dimension. whether through the artwork or through other objects on the wall, dimension will add interest and life to any gallery wall. i added dimension to mine by adding the large tree root, weathered fence post, shark jaw, antique antlers and wall sconce. funny thing is that the tree root used to sit in my childhood home in the '80s and i couldn't stand it. my mom had it since the '70s and i just thought it looked sooo old and sooo '70s. ha! then in the '90s i began to actually appreciate it and i asked my mom for it. she said no. ha ha! long story short and fast forward about 20 years or so and my mom finally gave in. actually, she offered it me after seeing the large one in my dining room! apparently she has no recollection of my previous requests. ;)

many people use painters tape or precut paper the size of their frames to plan where their frames/items will hang on the wall. i am far too impatient for such measures, although i admire those people who take them. ;) basically, like most everything i do, i kind of had a visual of what i wanted beforehand. i mentally mapped out the border of the entire collection and that helped me greatly. so, one day, with my handy husband's help, we tackled it. it helps to have someone hold up objects while you step away to see if you like their placement, that was one of my hubby's roles. ;) once we got our momentum going, it went fairly quickly and easily. i did not have all of the pieces, initially, so i first created a smaller gallery wall. once i had everything i just relocated most of those initial pieces to fit with my new format.

so, do i still love my gallery wall nearly nine months later? the answer is - most definitely! the artwork and other pieces i chose all have special meaning/memories to me, inspire me, or are done by talented artists i love. i really do enjoy how it has opened up our entire living room and how it draws the eyes upward and outward. i do have to say that i'm going for a bit of a different feel in my house in the upcoming year, so the gallery wall will be coming down soon, but not because i don't love it. i just tend to crave change with every new year - that combined with my grief and i'm telling you, whew, changes are coming. will this be my last gallery wall? probably not. will i be forever attracted to a beautifully done gallery wall? oh absolutely! i have hit that follow button on instagram more times than i can count due to a gorgeous gallery wall.

my continued advice to you when it comes to design: if you love it, go for it! a little thought and planning will go a long way, and as always make it your own somehow. use art and objects you absolutely love. don't settle just to fill a wall or space. again, don't be afraid to think outside of the box! don't forget - it's not permanent either, so don't shy away from something you can easily cover up with a little spackle and paint. ;)