branching out...

hey friends! first off, how is the first week of december nearly over?!? yikes! so much to do, so little time - for the majority of us, right? here's one crazy easy diy you can knock out before the christmas. it's so easy that i almost didn't blog about it, but so many of you keep asking about the new curtain rods in my dining area. so, i thought a post might answer some of your questions! aside from being insanely easy, this is also a very inexpensive project as well. double win!

ever since we painted our dining room at the beginning of the year, i had pretty much this exact vision to bring it to completion. don't you love it when that happens...when your vision actually pans out? too bad, for me, i often procrastinate and the simplest thing can take way too long when it comes to my own house. while painting our dining room my husband wrapped our chandelier with a white plastic drop cloth. its gauziness resembled white sheers to me and that's when i developed this vision, ha! the strangest things can spark my creativity. i also knew that i didn't want to spend a lot of money for curtain rods because i tend to change things often around here, and i knew i wanted to start going a little more organic/nature inspired in my home. branches seemed like the perfect solution! i've used branches in my home for various projects for years now, including branch chandeliers at christmastime, but never for a curtain rod. i wasn't quite sure on the logistics, i.e.; thickness, shape, color, etc. sometimes i don't think too much on those things so that i don't become fixated tiny details that might make me miss something really fabulous that could potentially be right in front of me.

finally, after months and months, i finally made myself sit down and look online for some inexpensive, plain, white sheers. the first pair i ordered weren't quite right because i accidentally ordered them about a foot too short! oy vey...rookie mistake. ;) i guess i saw the measurements for the width of the panel or something along those lines. not a problem though, because amazon prime makes it so easy to return and reorder things. phew! so i ordered a second pair and voila...success. i simply typed in "white curtain sheers" in the search bar and looked for the size i needed. i found mine for $14.99 a pair!

meanwhile, i knew it was time to forage the branches. should i go to the mountains and search for the perfect fallen branches, or perhaps by our river? although those were lovely options, i honestly have had zero time for such luxurious excursions! perhaps that ought to be a goal for 2018 - more luxurious daily excursions. ;) so, i went were every desperate daughter my mom's, of course. my mom has huge trees in her yard and branches are her nemesis. i've taken branches off of her hands before. i asked her if she had any extra branches lying around and she said she had a nice pile she was getting ready to send off, so i took measurements, a tape measurer, my hunky handyman, and headed over. now, i knew i probably wouldn't find the perfect length right off the bat, but in the outdoors measurements can become so skewed, and that's why i took the tape measurer. it was quick and easy and i came home victorious. i chose the branches that felt most sculptural to me and i especially love the one over my large, main window. it makes me swoon!

once i washed/sprayed my branches i knew that i needed an inexpensive way to hang them. so,off to lowe's i went! i looked at various options but landed in the curtain hardware aisle where i saw these curtain rod holdbacks and knew they were perfect! since the main branch is quite thick i knew i needed something sturdy and wide enough to allow it to sit in. i also wanted something a little rustic, yet with clean lines, so as not to distract from the branches. these fit the bill! i have to say, i do like the allen + roth collection at lowe's very much.

originally i thought i would get thin enough branches to slide my sheers right on to, like any curtain rod allows. then i thought maybe i would get sheers with wide tabs on top so that the girth of the branch wouldn't matter. neither of those plans panned out, but i wasn't worried because these sheers weren't needed to provide privacy or warmth. i simply wanted my windows to look pretty. ;) since my sheers couldn't just slide onto the branches because the opening/pocket for the rod is much too slim, i decided stapling the sheers directly onto the backside of the branch was going to be my quickest and easiest option. keep in mind, i was choosing pretty over functionality here, and these sheers were so inexpensive the thought of stapling them right onto the branch didn't make me hesitate for a second. so, all it took was a ladder, a stapler, and a little folding over to get the job done. i was lucky enough to once again have my hubby assist me on this one. as usual, i forgot to photograph step-by-step, but it's so easy, i think you can get the gist of it here. we simply folded the tops of the sheers over and stapled. be sure to step back every now and then to make sure you like your pleating.

the stapling was done once the branches were hung, so i bet it could be done even more easily with the branches on the floor. all i did {with my hubby's help} was fold the top opening in half and stapled as we went along. i just figured out where i wanted the sheers to start and end on the branches and tried to somewhat staple evenly, but perfection is boring, so just go with it. ;) plus, it's so easy to remove the staples and reposition as desired. that's it!

i mean, seriously, how easy is that?!?

so a quick recap on what you need for this project:

1. sheers/curtains of your choice

2. a super rad mom with super rad branches in her yard or just random rad branches

3. staples

4. something to hang branches on - feel free to get creative here! it doesn't have to be curtain holdbacks

as you all know, i looovveee bringing nature into my home any chance i get and a free curtain rod seems like a great deal to me! so don't be afraid to go out and forage. i can't tell you how many times i've seen branches, or the like, while driving and pulled my car over to gather them! my poor family. once a friend and i went on a run and found the perfect fallen branch for a christmas chandelier project i was working on. naturally we stopped for it and she and i came out of our wooded ditch bank with a giant branch over our shoulders. this branch was of epic proportions! apparently i forgot my tape measurer. ;) my friend carried one side while i carried the other! we must have looked crazy! i'm telling you, this has been a long time addiction of mine, and one i don't plan to give up anytime soon. happy foraging, friends!