there'll be parties for hosting, marshmallows for toasting...

hi guys! as i mentioned before, it's that time of the year - time to host parties and attend parties! my family and i have hosted a rather large christmas eve party for twelve years now and we absolutely love it! it's open house style. i make traditional new mexican foods and i make them in abundance. there's a lot of cooking, decorating, prepping, and excitement that goes into all of it. of course, there's moments of chaos, stress, and why the heck did i do this to myself that goes into it too, if i'm being honest - ha ha. ;) however, my family and i are always, always, always so happy to do it all. we're always so thrilled by the surprises of the evening, the people who show up, the magic of it all

this year has been made easier {and boy did i need easier this christmas} because of spur line supply co. - a wonderful local store that sells products by local artisans! spur line supply co. {find them here on instagram} will meet almost all of your holiday needs! more on spur line supply co. in a moment, and believe me, you want to hear about this spectacular store and my finds, but first, let me share some tips i've learned over the years that can hopefully help you, and your guests, to enjoy a party you may be possibly hosting this holiday season, or ever, really. i think the key is to prepare as much in advance as possible.

here are a few things i try to do in advance:

1. house cleaning

- when it comes to house cleaning, i'm a bit of a crazy woman here. i like the house to sparkle and a be comfortable for all of our guests. it doesn't have to be perfect, but i like to organize before christmas anyway, so it all works out. i start purging and cleaning out closets, drawers, etc in october/november. not to worry if this isn't your thing. i've never cared if someone's kitchen drawers look magazine ready and my certainly do not.

2. think of all the things - what the heck does that mean, you ask?!?

- well, where do you want candles, will their placement be safe in the locations you've chosen, when will you light all of them? i typically light mine about a half hour in advance to the party so that i'm not trying to do it as guests arrive and so that it's not too far in advance either.

- which platters, serving dishes/silverware, bowls, pots do you want to serve your food in? use the good stuff! ;)

- do you have a playlist? we make multiple playlists since we have multiple places guests like to hang out, such as outside, upstairs, and downstairs. be sue to keep music at a comfortable volume so guests can talk without shouting.

- what are you going to wear? this is huge because i have waited till the day of, or the hour before a party, and that's just way to stressful for me. so now, i like to think ahead. this includes jewelry, shoes, and all other accessories too.

3. food shopping/prep

- make a list and check it twice, make that thrice. ;)

- you've heard it before and so let's hear it again: make whatever you can ahead of time. i designate december 23rd as my cooking day and i make almost all of my food then. cut and chop as much as possible in advance too. refill salt & pepper shakers; do you need an extra set or two? since i also have christmas breakfast at my house, i try to prep as much for that on december 23rd as possible too.

4. have fun and go with the flow

- have you ever been to a party or dinner where the hostess/host was stressed? it's so awkward and makes the guest feel like an inconvenience. i try so hard not to do this but i'm sure i've failed more times than i realize. roll with the punches! this is easier if you don't expect perfection. who likes perfect people anyway?!? ;)

our goal with our annual party is to give everyone we know {and don't know} a place to go on christmas eve. we really have had people show up that we didn't know prior, because they tagged along with someone we do know, and it's the best! that's what we want!

i'm so excited because this year i found the perfect holiday dress, and serving tray, at spur line supply co.! when i saw this black knit maxi dress from wanderer, a local vendor that sells product in slsc, i instantly was drawn to its unique beauty and versatility! there really are so many ways you can wear this piece. i'm in love! just to name a few of those ways: you can pair it with a simple slip dress underneath, leather leggings or skinny jeans, or even shorts and a top as i chose here. it really is such a transitional piece! i plan to wear it many different ways in the days to come. i love the neckline too! i like that you can wear it off-the-shoulder or not. it's totally up to you!

this serving tray, you guys! it is stunning! i looovvveee that the antlers act as the handles. it feels good in my hands too, if that makes sense. i've had trays that just don't feel right and this one most definitely does! the more i look at it, the more i love it. it's beautiful on its own and really is one you can use year round. i cannot wait to use it for our party! it's perfect to serve appetizers or the main dish! the quality is amazing too. i also think this tray would make a wonderful gift, or hostess gift, because who doesn't want pretty stuff to serve food on?!?

i'm telling you, if you're in albuquerque, new mexico, or just passing through, this is one store you do not want to miss! spur line supply co. not only has a beautiful and unique aesthetic, but they have amazing and unique items for everyone as well! i'm talking men, womens, and childrens apparel, furniture, floral arrangements to die for, vinyl records, jewelry, children's toys, stationary - witty stationary too. i could go on! every time i go in it does not disappoint! the location is in fun part of town as well! did i mention their beyond fabulous courtyard?!? it is a dream! for real, people, you'll covet their courtyard! not to mention, slsc has an airstream right smack dab in the middle of their stunning store! sooo fun! i also love the convenience of driving up to a store and running in for a quick gift, card or floral arrangement! they have something for everyone! so, be sure to pop in, especially for those last minute holidays gifts or outfits, grab a delicious doughnut from bristol doughnut and their amazing doughnut selection, and shop away!



*thank you to spur line supply co. for sponsoring this post!