dark or bright? my wall color for 2018...

hi guys! so, a lot of you have been asking what i decided on for my walls for the new year? am i staying on the dark side or switching it up and going to the bright side?

i had planned to share this blog post with all of you about a week ago, but as you may or may not know, we had yet another tragedy in our family. sadly, my husband's brother passed away just a couple of days after christmas. we are once again left with broken hearts and we will miss him greatly. life is hard, isn't it? yet, we choose to press on. we believe the best is yet to come. we pray yet another tragedy only makes us kinder and more compassionate in a world full of hurting people. my heart aches for husband. he is amazing.

okay, so because i have to move forward, i will answer your question...am i painting my walls yet again?

the answer is.........YES! i am painting my walls all white for 2018! in fact, we already began painting in our hallway and i can't wait to show you! i am thrilled with the results already.

i promised to share the pros/cons of dark, moody walls with all of you when i initially began this journey early 2017 {see post here} and so i will do so. first, i just want to say that dark, moody interiors will always, always, always have my heart and i am most certainly not opposed to trying them again {more on that later}. my heart will be forever divided on dark vs. bright. i really did love this perfect shade of grey in my house, but here's why dark didn't work for me and there really is only one reason:

i do not have enough natural light.

sad, but true. there are certain times of day, in certain areas of my house when i just looovvveee my moody grey walls, but far too often, and especially in my light deprived hallway, there simply isn't enough natural light. i have found the dark walls surrounding me aren't helping my melancholic mood either. now granted, 2017 was a pretty depressing year, so i have no doubt that didn't affect my decision to go bright either. however, we planned to paint our walls white this past summer, prior to my brother's passing. then when he left us, i had zero motivation or energy to paint a single thing. as autumn rolled in, i began to feel the need to for those bright walls once again - this time stronger than ever. my family pleaded with me to wait till after christmas before tackling another project, and so i did. i'm glad i did too because we needed at least one holiday season with those yummy walls. i must say, the christmas lights did look pretty gorgeous bouncing off those walls too. however, just days after christmas we picked up our rollers and brushes and went at it. then i got the worst stomach flu and everything was put at a standstill. i'm finally feeling mostly better and ready to get back at it. painting might take us a couple of weeks, considering we have a funeral in our near future, etc, but it turns out grief makes me ridiculously productive. i guess it's a way of controlling something in uncontrollable circumstances.

so what are some pros to those dark walls?

- delicious moodiness

- a canvas/backdrop to make everything else pop

- a beautiful way to bounce light

- everything feels extra cozy

i could go on, but those are my favorites! i must say that with more lighting, and especially natural light, the grey i chose would have been an absolute dream. perhaps i'll try dark again in a future home. ;) as a reminder, because i am often asked, the color is ocean storm by valspar {satin finish}. i am really glad i challenged myself with a color unfamiliar to me. the dark hue was trickier to photograph and forced me to pick up an actual camera to take my photos, rather than using my iphone, and now i can't imagine switching back. so my advice to you if you're considering dark walls...go for it! it's just paint. okay, so it's kind of a pain to paint over, but not nearly as hard as we anticipated. ;) boy, am i glad we never painted the kitchen cabinets and air registers dark grey as i initially hoped! also, if you are considering going darker, think of other ways you plan to incorporate light, i.e.; lamps, mirrors to reflect light, etc.

of course, as with any project, a domino affect has been created and i slowly see the dominoes toppling over and foresee some more changes coming this year. hint - my christmas decor really made me happy and made me feel somehow connected to my brother, and so we'll see what unfolds. i tend to decorate that way - just letting things unfold organically. i start with a loose vision, but i try to be flexible to the unexpected, to something i might miss if i stay tunnel visioned.

with that said, stay tuned, my friends. i see visions of white to soon be splattered across my blog and on my instagram page as well!

lastly, i want to thank all of you for your kinds words, prayers, thoughts, and love during this difficult time. you guys are the best.