just a few of my 2018 goals...

hello friends! so, i'm typically not a resolutions kind of girl, but i find i have needed goals ever since my brother passed, as a way to motivate myself, and so i want to share some of my goals for 2018 with you. they may sounds predictable and typical, but here we go...

1. get organized in every inch of my house, including my garage

- this is one i started on this past fall and i have been loving the results. however, if you've ever seen our garage, you know we have our work cut out for us. i'm calling in the troops for this one {the fam}. my husband is always happy and ready to help, quite often he's the motivator and muscle behind my madness, but when i say fam, i mean my daughters too. surprise, girls! ;)

- i used to spend way too much time trying to list items on craigslist, but lately i've been donating my stuff, and find it makes things much easier and quicker. my time is money too, you know, and donating is a good thing. however, i do love craigslist and will definitely continue to do both, once i finish the initial purge throughout my home.

2. simplify

- i know that sounds similar to organize, but stay with me here. this means edit, edit, edit my home! at the beginning of 2017 i talked about wanting to simplify things in my home, and i feel happy with the progress i've made, but i want to make more. i omitted much of the color that had somehow taken over in 2016, and aimed to stick with a simpler/more muted palette that i blogged about {pinks, greys, whites, black} in 2017. in 2016 i allowed so many colors and "things" i had not planned on into my home due to collaborations, etc. from instagram. although very grateful, i was determined to be much more selective in 2017 and i'm happy to say i was. :) stay tuned for what 2018 holds design wise in my home. hint: nature will continue to be the star.

- i want to simplify even more this year, starting with my new white canvas {our walls} and eliminating the things that "don't spark joy" as marie kondo talks about regarding her "konmari" process. i don't think i'm quite ready to go full force with her method, but i've been taking baby steps this past several months and it feels good. admittedly, i still need to read her book, "the life-changing magic of tidying up". i've been reading snippets here and there and have scoured her instagram account and website and watched a few you-tube videos, so i know the basis of the method, but i still want to read her book for the full scope.

- my instagram friend natasha habermann blogged more about her method here, if you want to take a look. she plans to blog more about the konmari method and is even going to allow us to tag along as she organizes her entire house in the months to come! i definitely want to follow along for this one!

3. exercise

- i know, i know....typical. can i just say that prior to my brother's passing exercise used to be a major part of my life?! it was my therapy. since he passed, i've been packing on the pounds and not exercising hardly at all. it's been nearly two months since i've made any attempt to exercise AT ALL and i've put on at least twelve pounds in the past seven months {i stopped weighing myself, so it could be more}. ;) they are my twelve tiny enemies that i plan to annihilate. i went to a grief group once {during the holidays} and the leader of the group said that it's important i start exercising again, especially since i did prior, as a means of stress relief. so far, i haven't been successful. i just can't seem to motivate myself in this area. i had a horrible stomach flu the first few days of the new year and then a funeral. now, i'm out of excuses and need the accountability. that's why i had to include it here.

3. finish painting the downstairs

- so far, we're knocking it out room by room. i'm so thankful for my husband's help and encouragement in this department. i honestly don't love painting, but i'm not about to plop down the dough to hire anyone either. the bright white has definitely been refreshing. i love moody interiors but that can easily be achieved with white walls too.

- i prefer to paint in sections for a couple of reasons:

- time - i don't have entire days to dedicate to painting, so we're doing it in sections and i'm okay with that.

- the mess - it feels less stressful to me to control the mess, if that makes sense. if every room is chaos then i am chaos, ha ha.

4. read more

- i love, i mean love, reading. i go through phases throughout the year where all i want to, and practically do, is read. i want less phases and more consistency here. my poor husband is probably sweating it over this one. he loses me to fictional characters quite often. ;)

- i'm a total fiction girl btw.

5. blog consistently

- i want to continue to aim for once a week here. initially i was blogging about once a week, but then life/grief got in the way. i think i've been achieving that goal {mostly] these past few months and aim to continue to.

well, if you're still with me, kudos to you! ;) let's hope 2018 ends better than it began. i've decided if anything, i can end it with myself being better than i started in 2018 - mentally, spiritually, etc. we can all improve, right? we can't always control the things that happen to or around us, but we can control who we are, our character, our responses.

so with that, i leave you with the wise words from the very wise macklemore, ha ha. these lyrics are from his album gemini and the song is "excavate". i must admit i love his music and this entire song is pretty much mah jam these days but i'll leave you with just the chorus:

hold me up into the light and study every part of me i'm an open book, no, i don't mind, but sometimes i'm hard to read just flesh and bone, i'm headed home, but this life is so hard to leave but who am i when they cut the lights and nobody's watching me?

yup, that about sums it up. like they say, character is who you are when no one is watching. i want to continually ask myself: who am i really?

wishing you all the best in your own goals/resolutions and in the new year, my friends!