ode to the pink door...

you guys, the time has come to bid the pink door farewell. you may be wondering what has prompted such insanity, and honestly, there are several answers to that question; basically, i'm ready for something new! perhaps it's the constant itch to switch things up in my home, perhaps it's the grief that keeps driving me to strive for even more changes, i really am not quite sure. the one thing i know is that it is time. true, the pink door is why many of you started following me, perhaps it even helped put me on the pinterest and instagram maps, and i honestly still love it's perfect, dusty hue. for the countless times i've been asked, the color i used was radiant pink by valspar. several of you asked that i share the painting process, and honestly, i have almost no method to my design madness, but i'm happy to share what i have found works for me.

1. sand - simple, not rocket science, but i sand the door so that the new colors adheres better. i don't go too crazy with sanding, just enough to give the new paint something to grab to. i used 3m edge detailing 180 sandblaster. my husband picked this up for me at lowe's and i love the angled feature because it fit perfectly into the crevices of my door. here are some photos to show you what it looks like after lightly sanding. i followed up with a quick once over with 3m sandpaper 150 grit - only because i had some old paint drips from my previous painting job that needed a more aggressive measure to sand them flat. ;) i am not a perfectionist when it comes to painting and sometimes that comes back to bit me in the arse. it was still so quick and simple. i would estimate the sanding took me 10-15 minutes tops.

(this is how the door looks after sanding)

(second sandpaper to remove old paint drips)

2. wipe - after sanding wipe the door down to remove all of the excess paint dust...is that a word? i simply used paper towels and water to do this. i did it three times with fresh paper towels each time to ensure it was thoroughly wiped, then i waited a few minutes to allow the door to dry.

3. paint - i didn't feel the need for a primer since i was painting a darker color over a lighter one, but the paint i chose had a paint + primer combo, so that worked out well. i imagine painting over the new color will definitely require a primer. ;) i used the wooster easyflo paint brush (again, thanks to the hubs for picking up a new brush for me). i honestly would have used whatever brush we had leftover from our last project, but was thankful for a fresh and angled brush instead. be sure to follow your brush strokes with the grain of your door. also, be sure to allow each coat to dry thoroughly before tackling the next one. i always, always, always get so impatient in between coats, and just about every single time i try to rush it and end up brushing paint off rather than on, due to my impatience. it took three coats to cover my door, but was so easy and fairly quick. i had the walking dead reruns on while i painted and did other stuff between coats, so it went by really fast. ;)

(angled brush works best)

pretty simple, eh? i told you i have almost no method to my project madness.

so, what color did i end up choosing to grace my front door? drum roll, please....


now, of course i couldn't just pick any old green. i had to find one that had been discontinued by ralph lauren paints. in fact the entire line had been discontinued...of course. i fell in love with british racing green and thankfully, ralph lauren's website was kind enough to let its hopeful customers know just how to get a hold of their old paint colors. apparently, their paints were manufactured by glidden, so it was as easy as taking in the number for the color i wanted and simply having the person behind the paint counter (at home depot) mix it up. they use their diamond series to mix the old ralph lauren colors, which was fine by me. i am very happy with the results.

the color number is RL1591 base GL7413 - by glidden diamond, and i chose it in semi-gloss. i only needed a quart for this small project. when first brushed on it's a bit of a shocking bright green, but it dried to a perfect deep forest green.

(first coat of paint)

(second coat of paint)

here's a tip that i use in between coats: wrap your brush in a damp paper towel and put it in a baggie to keep it from drying out and to keep you from having to wash your brush as often.

why green, you ask? well, for starters, my brother loved green. i don't know if it's his passing that has prompted my love of green on an even deeper level lately, because i have always loved it, but now i can't seem to get enough of it. i find it calming as well, especially the darker, richer greens. i know many of you will miss the pink door, and i'm glad and grateful that so many loved it so much, i know i did too. however, change is good and often necessary. as my mom said when i showed her the green paint for my door, "that would make your brother very happy." i like to think so too. :)