part I: how our barn door came to be...

hi guys! apparently, it's the season of the doors around here in the naranjo home! first our green door and now a sliding barn door...or at least that's what we're calling it. technically, it's two giant slabs of wood on a barn door track, but you get the idea. i decided to break up this blog post into two parts to keep it from being so lengthy, and i will need dominic's help writing part II, because he pretty much did all of the work to get this bad boy up. typically, i can say i had some part in a project, but other than dreaming up this beauty, and "spotting" him as he maneuvered awkward slabs of wood weighing 270lbs and 9 feet in length, while praying he didn't crush his feet or anything else, i can't say i did much to help. i helped find the wood,hardware, and i did clean them off with a broom and air compressor before they were brought into the house, ha ha. seriously though, he deserves all of the manpower credit for this one! he's a beast!

ever since we moved into our house (over a decade ago) i have always wanted something to cover or close off this arched doorway into the kitchen somehow. i know open floor plans have been all the rage for quite some time now, but i am one of those people that loves, loves, loves, separate/designated rooms and doors. it's one of the many reasons i love older homes, actually. i've always dreamed of a kitchen with one of those old swinging butler doors. you know, like the ones we used to see in movies where the butler had to push through it while balancing a great big silver tray full of delicious foods? ahhhh...yes, one of those. i'll take the butler with a tray of yummy food too. ;) i also love old colonial style homes with their separate rooms, many fireplaces, and a house full of details they just don't make any more. okay, i'm completely off track here; back to closing off that archway. when we first moved in i mentioned a pocket door to my husband because i really wanted to have the ability to close off my kitchen while trying to relax or watch the television. pocket doors for this large doorway were pricey and we didn't think we would be in our house more than five years, so it seemed like a silly investment. ha ha! then i briefly toyed with the idea of shuttered/saloon doors, but knew it wasn't quite the look i was going for. we looked at screened panels from ikea at one point, but they simply weren't tall enough, and on and on. then, i think i just let it go for a few years. however, lately i've been craving my separate spaces even more so and knew i wanted to go back to the drawing board on this one. so, i mentioned a barn door to my husband. if you know me, you know i often process this way. i go to dominic, tell him what i'm thinking/wanting, he tells me why that wouldn't work or is impossible, and together we kind of figure out what IS possible for that particular project. i told him i wanted some yummy, raw wood slab of door here. i explained it could be more than one slab, but i wanted it to function as one door because that would be best for this particular area. he mentioned something about weight, however i ignored the annoying logistics, and off to the store we went. ;)

several people told us of a local store called world of wood and i honestly cannot believe it took us so long to check it out! it's pretty glorious, you guys. sadly, it's closing down soon. i'm so bummed about that! anyway, as soon as we walked in i know both dominic and i felt like we were in wood heaven! we combed through each aisle, fell in love with so many different planks/slabs of wood. finally, in the last aisle, i saw these solid oak beauties. of course, they weren't right next to each other, or even all that easily accessible, which meant me asking dominic is he could possibly move that one slab behind all of the others next to the one up front. you guys, this man is a saint. so, together we shuffled and maneuvered several giant slabs of wood so that i could see these two next to each other. of course once we got them side by side, i realized we needed to switch them so they were on the opposite sides. oy vey! i think people thought we were crazy and we just might be. ;) once we had them side by side...for real this time...we both knew we had found exactly what we were looking for. i bet we both said a silent prayer that they were in our price range. ;) everything was on sale, due to the “going out of business” sale; but if you know anything about wood, you know it can be pricey. we had a really nice guy help us and once he gave us the price - we were sold! at the register my husband looked at me and said, "happy valentine's day!" because it was the week of valentine's. i said it back to him and we laughed and kissed. we celebrated valentine's with more than our new door, but seriously, i'll take home projects like this over any pair of shoes, flowers, or whatever else it is some other women may want. there's nothing wrong with any of those things either, i love shoes and flowers too, but i just love stuff for my house so much more.

so, my husband, and the guy who worked at exotic woods loaded the wood into our car. as they did, i kept thinking, how on earth are we going to unload this when we get home?!? well, my husband decided it best he handled the unloading (ha ha) as i ran ahead to open doors, move furniture out of the way, and held my breath till i nearly passed out while "spotting" him. we had a few close calls because they are so awkwardly shaped and the weight is distributed just as awkwardly. we have done so many projects like this (full of risk) throughout our marriage and i’m pretty certain the stress has shaved years off of my life, people, YEARS; this project especially. thankfully, we got the slabs safely into the house, and because we hadn't really planned exactly what we were doing just yet, we both looked at each other like - now what? so for the next few days, we had to search for the hardware, figure out how to install these slabs without ripping out the drywall or killing ourselves, etc. ;) that's the part where my husband comes in. i'll pick his brain this week and get all of the logistics from him and get back to you, but i am sooo happy with how they came out! like, crazy happy! even before we hung them, we both knew they were exactly what we were hoping for. i'll be sure to include the link for the barn door hardware in the next post too. thanks for all of the love and positive feedback on our new sliding door too, you guys! you’re the best!

p.s. - for all who have been asking, we do indeed sell our swings! they're made from reclaimed wood and come with hardware. we hope to add a link here soon for them, but until then, dm me on instagram or email me, if interested. :)