my obsession with vintage paintings...

hey friends! if you've followed me for any length of time, you know i'm quite obsessed with vintage paintings. i tend to gravitate towards oil paintings and ones of seascapes, floral/still life, and portraits. many of you have asked where and how i chose my paintings and really, it's so simple. i'm only sharing a few of my own in this post because if i shared all of them here, there would be way too many photos, but i'm sure you've seen other in my other blog posts or on my instagram account.

let's start with where i typically find my beauties...

1. estate/yard sales - you guys would be surprised with how many paintings show up at estate sales, especially. it's one of the best places to find affordable and authentic artwork!

2. antique/thrift stores - again, these are great places to find your own paintings. now, sometimes they can be a teeny bit pricier here because often vendors know the value of what they have and they know the trends. again though, some of my best finds have been at such stores and for great prices too.

3. online - some of the websites that i am constantly keeping an eye on for vintage paintings are; etsy, chairish, and ebay. that trio just tends to be my favorite and the ones i gravitate towards the most.

4. your mom's/grandma's/friend's house - think of any person in your life that may have such artwork. some of my favorite items in my house have come from my mom's, mother-in-law's, and from a dear friend who is like a great aunt to me.

(this is one of my favorites. it was a gift from joey & mark, sweet friends i made on instagram. joey thought he resembled elvis. my daughter's friend says drake. ha ha. either way i have mad love for this guy.)

now how do i chose my paintings, you ask? again, it's quite simple...

1. does it speak to me?

that's it. i find if it speaks to me, i'll make it work. of course, sometimes i'm looking for a specific scale, mood, or color palette, but i really have found that if you love a piece of art (or anything for your home) you can make it work...99% of the time ;) also, don't limit yourself to the frame you find the artwork in. i often prefer my paintings (most are on canvas) frameless. my sea captain that is currently residing on my living room mantel came in the ugliest frame, but i knew i wanted it sans frame anyway. however, my clipper ship came in a frame i like, so i stored it away in case i want to put it back in its frame later. so never let a frame keep you from the artwork!

now, i do have a limited budget for my artwork, so price definitely plays a factor in my choosing, but that has never limited me. i find, if you're willing to go on the hunt and just be patient, you will find what you're looking for and in your price range.

happy hunting, guys! best of luck in your search for your own vintage pieces!