my foraged spring tablescape...

happy spring, everyone! as blooming plants, warmer weather, longer days, and easter surround us, i was inspired to share a spring tablescape with you guys. i mostly foraged this tablescape to remind you that it doesn't take a lot of money, and little effort, to create a beautiful table setting for any occassion. i tend to work with what i have and spend as little money as possible when tackling such projects. it's a fun challenge and i find it forces me to think outside the box. so here's how i did just that...

1. your canvas: first and foremost, i recommend starting with a good set of dishes. they are the canvas for your food. i find these white ones from are perfect for any table setting - casual or formal! you may remember them from my holiday tablescape because i love and use them that much! i can't believe it took me so long to get just a plain set of white dishes - seriously! these are just perfect and exactly what i hoped for. we use them daily, put them in the dishwasher and microwave, and they still look fabulous! besides, i tend to think food tastes a little better when it's served on something beautiful, or maybe that's just me. ;) either way, be sure to check out because they have stoneware in the most beautiful colors and finishes! to top it off, is offering up to 20% off on some of my favorite picks here - so hurry and go buy yourself something pretty while the sale lasts!

2. forage: that's right, rummage and hunt for the things that are easily and freely available to you. these pink blossoming branches are from my mom's yard. every year she lets me know when her plum tree is blooming so that i can head to her house to take some of these beauties for my own home. my mom is always so sweet about it and tells me that i'm doing her a favor by pruning her tree, but really, she's just super generous. i wanted to keep this setting simple, and again, use what i have, so my pink pitcher (also from made for the perfect vase. again, don't forget to look around when it comes to decorating anything and don't forget to look inside and outside.

this includes looking in your vegetable gardens, fruit trees, and produce aisle to add more natural and edible touches to your table. i love anything that looks like it was just snipped from a tree/bush. although these lemon and kumquats weren't freshly snipped from a tree, it was easy to make them like they were with a little help from the herb section at my grocery store. i just added a few bay leaves to make them look like they were just plucked from my non-existent citrus trees out back. ;)

3. tiny (yet impactful) details: i decided to use simple twine around the flatware, which is something i do often for a more casual setting. i like the simplicity and natural texture of the twine too, plus paired with a blooming twig by its side and it's perfection. it's the little touches of pretty that make all of the difference and can make your guests or family feel extra loved.

a little vision, a little planning, and a lot of flexibility go a long way! i like to let my tablescapes unfold organically. sure, i have a vision, but i don't let that vision trap me. so whether you are planning your next brunch, easter dinner, or just a spring soirée, i hope you have fun with it! happy easter, friends!



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