a quick and easy spring refresh in my bathroom...

hello, friends! i have been craving fresh, white towels in my bathroom for a while now, and when i saw the ones bumble towels has to offer, i was sold! what is it about white towels that makes us feel like we are dancing in luxury every time we exit the shower or bathtub? even hotels know this! gyms too, because who doesn't like to towel off with a nice white towel after a good workout? however, i like having colored towels too to throw into the mix around here too, so if you prefer color, not to worry, because bumble towels has your back in that department as well! i guess the bottom line is that fresh towels feel and look so lovely, and these ones feel and look EXTRA lovely!

if you know me, you know i am also a sucker for pretty packaging too, and bumble towels definitely has that department covered as well. when i received their towels they came in a pretty linen bag that also acts as a laundry bag...LOVE! once i saw their attention to detail, i thought what a great gift idea they are too - perfect for weddings, exercise enthusiasts, housewarmings, and even high school graduates about to head to college! everyone needs towels, and everyone loves good quality towels, but throw in the linen laundry bag, and you will look like you went the extra mile! ;) little details like this make all of the difference in my book and the person you gift these to will thank you in the days to come. or if you decide to splurge on yourself, you will thank yourself! ;)

i mentioned good quality and bumble towels are just that! they are 100% combed cotton towels with absolute absorption (high on my priority list), they are also lint free, fade resistant, and oh so soft, and the price is so affordable too! all winning combinations, if you ask me!

here are a few more bonuses bumble towels has to offer: a 100% satisfaction guarantee (no questions asked), you can order via amazon prime (always a bonus for me), and they're offering 10% off to my followers! yay! click here for the 10% off. thank you, bumble towels! :)

so, that's my quick, easy, and affordable bathroom refresh for the spring, guys! when my husband got home after a long day at work and saw our new towels in our bathroom, even he commented on how great they look, so never underestimate the power of fresh linens!



*thank you to bumble towels for sponsoring this post!