be still my heart...

hey guys! to quote buddy the elf from the movie elf, "i'm in love, i'm in love, and i don't care who knows it!" it's true! if you follow me on instagram you may have caught a glimpse of our new beautiful sofa from room & board on my stories! if ever a sofa was sexy, it's now, because this green velvet beauty is just that! i mean, just look at it - look at those legs! all of the heart eyes for this bad boy!

i have been wanting, and desperately needing, a sofa for quite some time now. we had our old one for nearly twelve years and it was on its last leg. however, i didn't want to just rush and settle for a new sofa either. i wanted something with cleaner lines, the right length, and i knew velvet was a must. then i saw the hutton sofa from room & board, and it was seriously love at first sight! once i saw him (yes, my sofa is a him, ha ha) in vance emerald velvet, i knew no other color would suffice. it's such a rich and delicious tone! typically, i steer towards neutrals with my furniture, but i wanted to live a little, and so i went with it! plus, in case you haven't noticed, i've been crushing majorly on green these days; and keeping everything else neutral allows for a pop of color. our old sofa was nice and long, and because that worked so well for our family and space, i knew i wanted something long again. i went with the 98" sofa, which is just perfect for us. however, room & board offers this sofa in three lengths; so one is bound to work for your space too! not to mention, hutton comes stocked and made to order in a variety colors and a couple of fabric choices as well. it's also available in custom with over 250 fabric options! their modern furniture selection is to die for and i love their commitment to american craftsmanship! you must go and take a look!

okay, so here are a few highlights that i am loving extra with our new sofa; just to break it down a bit:

1. the arms are amazing - this feature was one of the first i noticed and fell in love with, guys. just look at how wonderfully tall and sleek they are! i saw them and thought, oh this is a sofa we can get down and comfy with, especially with those beautiful arms! they create two perfect corners to curl up with a book! obviously, furniture details like this excite me. ;)

2. every cushion is reversible - it's true! the tufted cushions have tufting on the reverse side as well. so, wear can be distributed evenly, thanks to this added bonus!

3. clean lines - i am a huge fan of clean lines when it comes to my furniture. i think they make for timeless pieces and look so fabulous!

4. again, the length - we like the option to squeeze people in for parties, but we also need a place to nap comfortably, and this covers both of those requirements, plus all of the ones in between. my family of five can easily fit on this velvety goodness. however, if you need something not as lengthy, there is the option for 87" and 75" lengths as well. see, they've got you covered. ;)

5. the delivery service - i think it's safe to say most of us dread waiting for furniture to be delivered, but room & board made this process so much nicer and easier. they gave us a much smaller window for delivery than the usual all day timeframe, which was great. the delivery associates were on time, very professional, and amazing. they removed the packaging (and took it with them), set everything up, were so nice and informative, and even welcomed us to room & board! true white glove service!

6. it's so comfortable - it really is! our new beauty is structured yet very comfortable! every single family member has commented on its comfort this past week! i was a little nervous ordering strictly online and not actually sitting on it prior to receiving it, but i was pleasantly surprised with how great it feels! i feel supported but enveloped at the same time. :)

i could go on and on with what i love about the hutton sofa! so, if you've been looking for a new sofa, or any furniture/household items for that matter, look no further! i have to tell you, i was so tempted with the vance grey and vance rose colored options too. they're stunners! you must check those out as well, especially the rose one...glorious! another major bonus is that our new sofa is "luka approved", which is kind of a big deal because he can be SUPER picky when it comes to comfort. he is sure to let you know if he is not happy with something and will refuse it. instead, he's constantly curling up on it - yay! so much power for such a little pup. ;) after one week, dog hair isn't a problem either. our horse-dog, liberty, leans and sleeps against it nearly all day too and she's a shedder. i know a lot of people worry about pet hair with velvet but i figure a lint brush can help when needed.

we really are soooo very happy and soooo very thankful we found the perfect sofa for all of our needs and wants! happy sofa hunting to you, friends!



*thanks to room & board for sponsoring this post! :)