sweet dreams are made of this...

why hello there! i am so excited because my husband and i have been lucky enough to sleep on a cloud lately! well, maybe not an actual cloud, but our new stratami mattress from essentia basically feels like one, or what i imagine one would feel like. ;) it is so supportive yet oh so comfortable. this lovely mattress is made from hevea milk, which is the milky white sap from the rubber tree; and for someone who deals with a lot of allergies, this natural memory foam mattress is a very welcomed change! for the first time since i can remember dominic said he has been sleeping well, which is HUGE, you guys! he (well, his back) were pretty miserable with our previous two mattresses, so i am beyond thrilled for him.

here's the rundown on our little slice of heaven:

- as previously mentioned our new mattress is made from hevea milk. i mean, doesn't that name just sound pleasant?! ;) a few other ingredients include: organic essential oils, natural plant extracts, organic cotton, and gols (global organic latex standard). ahhh...so wonderful!

- it's a firmer mattress but with exceptional comfort. my husband, dominic, has had it with those overly soft mattresses that sink in over a short period of time - you guys know the ones, and so he is a very happy guy with this firm, but still soft one, and i too am a very happy girl! we both LOVE the way it feels and we feel like we are already having better quality sleep because of it. yay!

- it's sooo pretty! seriously though, who doesn't want and love a pretty mattress? i remember appreciating pretty mattresses even as a little girl. when i was about six years old i had one with gold roses printed all over it and LOVED it! i have had pretty high standards since. ;) every time i take our sheets off of our new stratami mattress, i will be sure to admire just how gorgeous it is. luckily, it's not just pretty though, it's insanely comfortable too!

- okay, here's my one of my absolute favorite things about this beautiful cloud, the creme de la creme, if you will...the cotton cover is REMOVABLE for easy cleaning! that's right - you can wash the cover in your washing machine! i don't know about you but this feature alone makes this mattress the best i've ever owned! yes, even better than the gold roses one i had as a kid! as if that's not enough, the cover is organic cotton, making it durable and breathable.

did i mention luka is happy with our new mattress too, and if you guys are like us, that matters to you too! just look at him...

i encourage you to go to their website to see more on how essentia constructs their mattresses as well. it's quite impressive! here are some of the faqs you might have of your own. essentia has a fabulous variety of mattresses too - designed for everyones needs and wants for a perfect's night sleep. so if you prefer something on the softer side, they gotcha covered. ;) besides, isn't quality sleep something we all aim for? often the foundation for quality rest is the literal foundation you lay on every single night; so make it count and stop counting sheep. ;)

now, go take a look at their selection, which also includes; kids' mattresses, pillows, organic sheets, and the most adorable luxury dog beds to match! sweet dreams, friends!



*thanks to essentia for sponsoring this post! :)