a quick way to refresh your bedroom...

hey guys! it's safe to say there are many ways to refresh your bedroom, but one of the quickest and easiest ways is to simply refresh your bedding! when i saw this gorgeous white linen bedding from olive wren i fell head over heels for it, and it only seems fitting that a new mattress calls for new bedding. ;) you see, i used to always dress my bed in white linens, but it wasn't until i joined instagram, and began experimenting with my design a little more, that i completely veered away from white somehow. i did, however and fortunately, discover linen bedding, but have only used it in other colors; such a dusty rose and various shades of grey . isn't it fun to experiment?!? plus, experimenting really helps us figure out what our design preferences really are. of course, we are constantly evolving, but when something is truly "me", i find my way back to it somehow. this is the case with white bedding. now, i'll always change things up, including the color of my bedding, no doubt! i just realized that the white somehow completely made its way out of my rotation and i've missed it...a lot. now, thanks to my new bedding, the best of both worlds have made their way into my bedroom - white and linen. the color i chose is snow, to be exact, and i love the name snow; however, olive wren has other colors to choose from, if you're looking to add some color into your life. ;) their selections are quite glorious, and who doesn't love luxury french linen at an affordable price?!? as if that's not enough, i especially love olive wren's partnership with the joy heart foundation! for those who may not know, the joy heart foundation aims to support survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, and child abuse. this is linen with a cause and i am sooo on board with that!

why white:

- it's luxurious - white feels and looks completely luxurious! hotels even know this and ofter the nicer ones gravitate towards it. throw in the linen part, and it feels extra, extra luxurious. ;)

- it's easy to clean - people often think the opposite with white, but with the right care, it is actually very easy to clean!

- it's airy - any room dressed in white feels airy, moody/romantic/ethereal; and white works with everything, in my opinion. it's easy to switch out rugs, artwork, and all other accessories for a completely different look when you're working with such a neutral color.

why linen:

- it's not fussy - i love the the laid back feel linen gives. the slightly wrinkled and crinkled feel is just up my alley.

- it feels good - i do love the feel of linen and the more worn it gets, the better it feels!

- it's sooo pretty - any bed clad with linen just looks so pretty to me; but not only to me, you'll notice linen is all the rage on pinterest and instagram as well because it's so darn pretty!

after my brief 2017 dark interiors interlude, 2018 has me all about bright and white, with some greens, blushes, and greys thrown in there too, and a whole lot of wood, ha ha. don't get me wrong, i still love dark interiors so very much, and dark linens, but i am welcoming this refresh that seems to be spreading throughout my home. my new bedding is fitting in perfectly and the quality is superb! just look at the fun and beautiful reusable linen bags it came in! they make my heart happy! i plan to store my other linens in these handy bags while these adorn my bed.

so, if you're looking for well priced, ethically made linen, that supports a great cause, olive wren is the way to go, my friends! did i mention they allow for a 100 night trial?!? if you're unhappy, you can return your sheets - on them, no questions asked! what?!? on top of all of that, olive wren is offering $20 off to all of you with the code: NICHOL20 (use at checkout)! yay! so, go ahead and shop for this one guilt-free and enjoy some of your own luxurious french linen!



*thanks to olive wren for sponsoring this post!