the power of pillows & patterns

hey friends! if you've been following my blog for a while, you know i've worked with the pixers before, and have had so much fun in my house with their fabulous wallpapers and murals (see previous blog posts here and here). well, now pixers has gone the extra mile and is now offering fabrics/home textiles! this includes: pillows, duvet covers, rugs, fleece blankets, window curtains, showers curtains, bath mats, etc. i am so excited about this, guys! pixers' selection is comprised of many sizes and options to choose from - basically there is something for everyone. they also offer various patterns. i had a difficult time choosing because there were so many options i loved. you must take a look!

i decided new pillows for my new sofa would be a fun route to go; and i decided to show you guys how interchangeable pattern really can be and how easily you can change the look of a sofa/room simply by adding or removing throw pillows.

here are the three patterns i chose (all 20x20 in size):

- japanese exotic foliage

- seashell and palm leaves

- vintage watercolor apple flowers

i chose these patterns because i loved them instantly, felt they would be cohesive with my sofa/home, and with each other. i also knew each pattern would stand strong on its own for days when i'm craving a more minimal look.

so here are a few looks...

as you can see, i had fun interchanging my new pillows on my new sofa! get creative and try out different looks to find what works best for you and your space!

i decided to try some of the pillow in other areas to see what the patterns/colors would do in various spaces. it's amazing how a little pattern and color can completely change a space, right?!? the seashells and palm leaves pattern makes me swoon! the palm leaves remind me of feathers, which i have always been drawn to.

here are three sets of pillows on my leather chairs. i love how each set changes the mood for the exact same space!

also, here's a look at the same patterns in a smaller size! i love that pixers offers a variety of sizes - oh the fun one could have!

i believe the reason these three patterns actually work so well together is because they have a sense of unity - they are each nature inspired. in fact, the japanese motif reminds me of seashells, rather than foliage, and i love them. i chose the same beige-y color in an effort to make them sort of flow into each other. now, that doesn't mean you have to do that with pattern always. plenty of talented designers mix patterns of multiple colors/themes, and do it so beautifully; but typically there is some underlying theme (even if it may not seem that way). so even when playing with pattern, unless you are a pattern guru, be somewhat intentional; especially, if like me, you're trying to still keep things neutral and not too busy. pixers is just the place to do that because their selection is grand, but easy to navigate through; especially since they offer categories such as "nature" and "nautical". don't forget you can chose different sizes, shapes, even large floor cushions are an option! also, remember pixers offers other items as well, including some pretty fabulous shower curtains too, such as this guy, this beauty, and this guy. i am also crushing on this beauty, this beauty, this beauty and this beauty.

enjoy shopping for some new home textiles with pixers, friends! can't wait to see what you guys choose for yourselves!



*a big thank you to pixers for sponsoring this post!