a house full of girls and why this tiny item is making a huge difference...

hi guys! i am so excited to share a product that i recently discovered and is making our lives a bit more pleasant...especially my sweet husband's! as you know, we have four girls in our household (myself included), all with heads full of hair, plus two dogs, and a husband who has his own glorious mane. ;) it's a topic no one really likes, but pretty much everyone deals with - hair and drains. cue that modern family episode where phil makes daughters clean their bathroom...enough said.

however, this handy little guy from tubshroom helps to keep drains clear and clog free, helping to eliminate the use of harsh chemicals and expensive plumbing bills! sounds like a win to me and where has this been all of my life?!? seriously, i've been telling dominic that we needed something like this for years!

another bonus is that tubshroom is super easy to install and designed to easily catch human and pet hair! i absolutely love that is environmentally friendly as well! i also like that, unlike regular covers, tubshroom fits nicely inside of the drain, and does not disrupt the flow of water. it really could not be easier, guys!

aside from all of that it is super easy to clean, you guys - simply wipe your tubshroom off, toss the yuck, and you're good to go! woo hoo! i don't know about you, but i'm all about easy clean up! plus, with the upcoming holidays and out of town guests, there's no time like the present for this simple tool that will make your life a little bit easier, not to mention its affordability!

did i mention tubshroom comes in several colors and is easily accessible too? you can order online or purchase it at target or bed bath and beyond! again, could not be easier! let's face it, it's a job no one really wants to do, but we all get stuck with, so we may as well make it as simple as possible. ;)

i hope you guys are as excited about this as i am because i want to share those simple everyday life hacks with you as well, my friends, and this is a good one! it's a tiny one but it makes a HUGE impact. hooray for clear drains and easy clean up!



*this post is sponsored by tubshroom but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.