shadow boxes for every season...

hello everyone! i cannot tell you how excited i am to share my shadow boxes from custom picture frames with you! i love, love, love shadow boxes and have loved them for as long as i can remember. i have a few throughout my home, but when i saw these beauties so many ideas started brewing in my head. now, initially my plan was to use these for my insanely large seashell collection, and i will do just that...after the holidays. however, my mind started going wild when i unboxed them and saw the yummy smoke suede backing i had chosen. the grey suede backing reminds me of a stormy sky, which got me thinking of winter and of christmas! so, i started to think of how fun it would be to show you guys a fun and easy idea for the holidays! basically, it's my grown up version of a diorama! remember those?!? oh i couldn't get enough of those as a kid and i loved showing my own daughters how to make them!

so i started brainstorming and dreaming up winter scenes and went to work! i knew i wanted a scene magical enough to draw a child in, but somewhat sophisticated enough for adults. ;) hopefully, i've achieved that.

here's what you'll need for your own christmas in a box:

1. a gorgeous shadow box - and custom picture frames really has some stunning ones, you guys! they have a variety of frames, colors/finishes, sizes, and backings too.

2. faux snow - i found mine last year and can't remember exactly where, but really you can find this stuff just about anywhere this time of year. click here for your own. i used both the snow blanket and flakes to add extra dimension and interest.

3. lights - i feel like micro led lights work best for this because they're so compact and the box is easy to hide; not to mention, you can put them on a timer!

4. whatever objects you want to add - for me, deer and trees were a must! the deer were a diy from a previous project. i found the template online, traced them onto a toile paper from hobby lobby, and simply cut them out. the trees are actually gift tags from the dollar section at target and i just cut those as well. i almost used some nutcracker party picks, but decided to stay more neural this time around. again, you can use whatever you like!

so simple, right?!?

i simply adhered the trees and deer to the snow with a dab of glue (from my hot glue gun) to loosely secure them in place. i love glue from a hot glue gun because it's so easy to just peels off when you want it gone!

in case you're wondering, i chose the bruno frame with the smoke suede backing for this project. i love that gorgeous, chunky, rustic frame! it's so rich! the suede backing makes me swoon! it's so luxe and the smoke color just feels elegant! the sizes i chose are 10"x12", but remember, you can customize your own to your liking or needs.

can you imagine all you can do with these shadow boxes, guys?!? a giant paper snowflake in each one would be so lovely as well! like i mentioned, i will eventually add seashells from my collection in them, so they work great seasonally too! an easy switch out for any holiday! i also love the dimension they add next to my kitchen shelves! they honestly make me ridiculously happy!

shadow boxes also make a great gift idea! think of all of the special things you could place in one and give to someone who has everything! for example - old love letters, ticket stubs, jewelry, vintage cards, a wedding invitation, a special craft from a grandchild to grandparents, a scene from a child's favorite storybook - really the possibilities are endless!

i adore homemade gifts and this is sort of homemade, i suppose. ;) oh and you guys, this was super easy, so don't be afraid to tackle your own shadow box - again, think diorama! if you could crush those in elementary school, you can crush shadow boxes in adulthood! i believe in you guys!

another major bonus is that custom picture frames is sharing a discount code for 20% off to all of you! simply use: NICHOLNARANJO20 at checkout. woo hoo!

i can't wait to see what all of you come up with! be sure to share you creations with me!



*a huge thank you to custom picture frames for sponsoring this blog post!