classic christmas with a modern twist

happy december, friends! eek! i am so excited to reveal how i decorated my main areas, with the help of the home depot, for the holidays with all of you! if you know me, you know i like to keep things nature inspired around here, and that was the exact approach i took to my christmas decor once again. i wanted lots of greens (faux and fresh), at least two trees (which turned into three), and i decided a little play on our last name would be fun! naranjo means orange tree...enter citrus, stage left. ;) don't you just love how fruits at the holidays can transport you to your childhood, or even to christmases long ago that you've only dreamed, read, or have watched movies about?

if you would like to see the full reveal and read how i accomplished my nature-inspire/simple christmas, head on over to the home depot blog here! i can't wait to hear what you guy think! merry christmas, lovely friends!



*a big thank you to the home depot for partnering with me this holiday season!