An easy way to display your collections...

Hello friends! I am beyond thrilled to be working with Custom Picture Frames again! If you remember, I worked with them at Christmastime and did those fun holiday shadow boxes. I received more feedback from that blog post than probably any other prior, so thank you! :) I mentioned in that blog post that I had initially chosen these shadow boxes to display a snippet of my seashell collection, and now that spring is nearly here I decided to allow them to fulfill their destiny. ;)

This really was an insanely easy and quick DIY, and I am honestly thrilled with the results. You really cannot go wrong when it comes to displaying nature in your home! My family and I love collecting treasures from the sea any chance we get. I have quite a large collection of seashells, but wanted to display at least a few from some of our favorite vacations. Can I just I want to add more shadow boxes around my house now that I've completed this project! I really do!

So, first I washed my seashells in a colander in the kitchen sink and let them dry. They were a little dusty so that's why I did this step. I also cleaned my shadow boxes as well, since they still had some snow remnants from Christmas. ;)

Then I removed the backings from the shadow boxes and began toying around and arranging my seashells on the backings. I decided I wanted to group the same type together in each box for a clean and unified look. Speaking of the backing, I've mentioned it before but this smoke suede backing makes me swoon! To me, it mimics a stormy sea or sky. Also, the rustic and rich tone on the frames is just gorgeous! I love how substantial they are, without stealing the show. This is the Bruno frame in 10x12 size.

The million dollar question...

How did I adhere the seashells to the backing?

Well, I simply used one of my favorite tools in my arsenal - my glue gun! I chose my glue gun because I love working with it and I love that it doesn't permanently alter/damage the seashells either. You can easily peel the glue off of the shell and the suede backing, which I did end up doing a couple of times. I also like that you can move whatever you're glueing easily by wiggling it a little while the glue is still warm. Either way, to me, it feel like a hardy solution that doesn't have to permanent.

Where did I add the glue?

As you can see here I just added a little glue to the back of the seashells - just where those points of contact are. I hope that makes sense; basically, the part that will touch/meet whatever backing you're adhering it to. Then when you flip the shell over and set it down, if it looks like it's in the right spot, just press it down firmly for a few seconds. That's it! Easy, right?!? If it's not in the right spot, give it a few seconds to dry, then simply peel it off, peel the glue off, and try again. Watch those fingers. ;)

How did I choose the arrangement for my shells?

I chose some of my favorite shells based on memories, coloring, shape, and interest. Uniformity was important to me because I wanted each shadow box to really allow that particular type of shell to shine, so that's why I didn't mix the shells. However, you could do that too and it would be beautiful! Also, remember to work in odd numbers. You'll notice I used three or five going across, and that's because I feel odd numbers are just more pleasing to the eye - it's my preference anyway. ;) I think it's important not to overthink it, just go with your gut.

I absolutely love the dimension and interest these shadow boxes added to this wall in our banquette area! I've honestly wanted to add some here for a while now and I could not be more pleased. My family loves them too - so double win!

This project literally took me about 40, maybe 45 minutes at the most and that included taking many photos and videos! So really, I could have completed all three probably in 15-20 minutes. It really was an easy and relaxing project and I loved the memories of of various beach adventures we had while collecting them throughout the years. Like I said earlier, I think I need more shadow boxes in my life!

You guys, Custom Picture Frames has a large and gorgeous selection of shadow boxes and backings - something for everyone - truly! Also, they have custom picture frames too {hence the name, ha} , if you're simply needing to frame some artwork or photos, so be sure to check them out!



*Thank you, Custom Picture Frames, for sponsoring this post and for working with me again!