It's All in the Details...

Hey guys! If you know me, you know I'm a very detail oriented person when it comes to my home. If you know me, you also know I'm not a very detail oriented person when it comes to the more administrative areas of my life. Ha ha! However, when it come to a perfectly placed feather in the window or a seemingly and casually placed seashell on top of a picture frame, I'm your gal! ;)

So, when I discovered Kaarigur cares about those same kind of details, I knew we would be a good match! Kaarigur carries such lovely home decor! Their pieces are so beautiful and unique! It is fitting that Kaarigur means "Artisan" because each piece is handcrafted by a skilled artisan, which I love!

How stunning is this dyed marble tray?!?

It's a perfect fit for my home, don't you think?!? I love the contrast of the gold against the emerald green, not to mention that beautiful leaf detail! It's a perfect piece for a delicious cheese tray, when entertaining, or simply to hold some of your favorite everyday items. I am so happy with how well it pairs with my emerald sofa!

You guys know how much I love bedding, especially luxurious sheets! Bedding is an item I love to switch out often over here. I think it's nice to have extra bedding on hand to immediately replace your previous bedding come laundry day. It feels fresh and you can never go wrong with white! Kaarigur's luxurious white flat sheet set, with its white bourdon stripe, are simply fabulous, you guys!

I love the white on white play, and any time I can have pretty detailing or bourdon stripes, I'm all for it! It's little details like that stripe that make my heart pitter patter, truly.

Not to mention, these sheets are nice and crisp! Nothing like luxurious sheets to make you sleep well and feel like a million bucks, right?!? I was reminded of a friend of mine who used to travel to England often with this sheet set because she too enjoyed the European three-piece flat sheet set vs the American four-piece fitted sheet sets.

Aside from the beautiful items you see here, Kaarigur has an amazing selection of other home decor items, such as: rugs, pillow covers, table decor, they even have jewelry! I think you guys will love their gorgeous shop, but don't take my word for it, head on over there! Don't forget Easter, Mother's Day and those summer weddings are coming up as well! It's a great time to get some shopping done! ;)

Here are a few of my other favorite items from their shop:

- This caved wood serving board is to die for!

- These classic herringbone sheets are divine!

- I love these blue & white cushion covers! {You know I'm a sucker for blue & white.}

- How beautiful is their fig table linens?!? {Really, I love all of Kaarigur's table linens, so be sure to check out the rest!}

- These coasters go perfectly with my dyed marble tray!

You really must see Kaarigur's entire shop! Their table linens had me swooning and are absolutely perfect for the upcoming seasons too - um...hello, spring! Be sure to take a look at the rose and pomegranate printed table linens - gasp! Have fun shopping, friends and be sure to use my code: Nichol2019 for 10% off!



*Thank you to Kaarigur for sponsoring this post!


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