Our Safe Haven

Hello friends! If you've been following me for a while you know that one of my main goals in designing our home is that it is a "safe" place (figuratively), a sanctuary, for my family to retreat to when they return home each day. I've shared how I do that in design before, and how I want our home to envelop them as soon as they walk in, like a great big hug. It is also very important to Dominic, and me, that our home is as safe (literally) as possible from a security standpoint as well. Dominic is especially HUGE on security, so when I told him about the Arlo Ultra, he was all about it! It's a smart home security system that you can operate from your phone, which we LOVE. Arlo Ultra is also compact, wire free, and attractive (three very important features for myself). ;)

Arlo Ultra is easy to install and works with your home's wifi. It can be set up in minutes: simply download the app, install, and voila! Not to mention, it is America's #1 internet connected camera brand, with cutting edge technology, that helps protect what matters to us most...our family.

Here are a few more features that I love about Arlo Ultra:

- Two-way, pristine audio - you can set your built in siren automatically or trigger it from your phone.

- 4K image quality - which even allows you to zoom in on words and license plates.

- Enhanced night vision

- 180 degree view - without the typical fisheye distortion!

- Weather resistant

- Easy, peasy to use!

- One year free Arlo Smart Premiere subscription

I also love you are able to access your Arlo Ultra from your Google Home, Alexa, and even your Apple watch! We plan to try our Arlo Ultra in various areas of our home, but for now we would like to cover out back patio door, and I love that we can do so easily and discreetly. Here are a couple of views of our back patio door...

I know everyone's style and homes differ (which I absolutely love), but I think the majority of us are on the same page when it comes to our strong desire to keep our family, home, and pets safe! If Arlo Ultra can help my family with that goal, then I'm all about it too!



*This post is sponsored by Arlo Home Security but the content and opinions expressed here are my own. Thank you, Arlo Ultra!