Staying Cool In West Palm Beach With Hunter Fan Company!

Hey, friends! You know how when you have an incredible experience, you just want to share it with everyone?!? Well, I had such experience and can’t wait to tell you all about it! Not to mention, I have some pretty fabulous fans I’m about to share with you too!

When I started this little blog of mine I had no idea the opportunities it would present and send my way! Really, I’m constantly shocked and humbled by the doors this blog, and ultimately all of you, have opened for me and my family! One of those surreal opportunities made its way to me this summer, thanks to Hunter Fan Company and The Zimmerman Agency! They invited me, along with six other talented bloggers, to join them in West Palm Beach, Florida to tour a charming Airbnb where they completed a “Huntervention”! I couldn’t believe it, you guys, and I’m so thankful they included me on this amazing adventure!

When we arrived at Hilton West Palm Beach {Dominic hid in my luggage and joined me btw ;) }, we were surprised by how beautiful it is! The entire property is gorgeous and our suite was spacious, well appointed, and so lovely! Both Hilton and Hunter left some fabulous goodies for me and I immediately knew this trip was going to exceed all expectations, and boy did it ever! I wish I had thought to take photos of those amazing goodies, but I did take videos - it’s all saved in my highlight story on my IG account titled, “Hunter Fan Co”, if you want to take a peek.

You guys, we dined like royalty all weekend! We had course after course of delectable cuisine! Food being my love language and all, you can say I was one happy girl all weekend long! We started the extended weekend off right by having dinner at The Avocado Grill. The atmosphere was fun and the food was heavenly! The lamb sliders and vegetable truffle risotto were my favorites, but really, every single thing we tried was sensational!

The Huntervention

{left to right: Kari, Kristi, Cara, Sara, Arianna, and Lauren}

The following day we went to the Airbnb to see the “Huntervention” on this charming 1920s home! What is a “Huntervention”, you ask? Basically the Hunter team refreshed, and added five stunning ceiling fans to this quaint abode, most of these are from Hunter’s new line that hasn’t been released yet, but will be soon!

Pendleton Collection by Hunter

The first fan we were to was the Spider Rock Pendleton by Hunter. What a handsome fan! Yes, Pendleton and Hunter collaborated and POOF...this striking fan was born! I love the masculinity and southwest flair on this one. The blades are reversible, the other side is a more muted black on black design - genius! It comes in multiple colors too. Not to mention the detail around the actual rim of the light that I personally love! You know I love attention to details!


This sleek beauty is a smart fan and perfect for low-profile ceilings! I literally gasped when I saw this one. I just love its design and finish; Dominic would love that it’s LED! How convenient to control your fan with your phone. It does have a remote too, of course! Again, those blades are reversible. Be sure to take a look at all of Hunter’s SIMPLEconnect wi-fi ceiling fans.

There are so many gorgeous architectural and vintage details in this home, including these gorgeous wood columns! I wish I could transport these to my home. They’re so stunning and unique!


This Scandinavian inspired fan just might be my favorite - although it’s hard to choose! Obviously, I love the look and lines, but I also love its wood grain that shines through the blades! It comes in three finishes and had not been released to the public when we first saw it, but guess what?!? It was just released this week! Hooray! The housing is gorgeous and I have a feeling this one will be flying off the shelves!

Again, more yummy details - I adore this brass vintage hardware.


Now this is a good looking fan! Again, it comes in multiple finishes/sizes and has the LED light I mentioned earlier. Its WhisperWind motor makes this one perfect for guest rooms and nurseries. Really, it’s a perfect fit for any room in your home! I really love the grey oak/drifted oak finish so very much. It’s such a versatile fan!

More pretty Pendleton details, like this woven basket...


Last, but clearly not least, is the Havoc! I showed you this bad boy on my Instagram page when I returned from our trip because I love that it not only looks amazing, but the airflow helps keep those bugs away, and is one of Hunter’s weather max fans! Basically that means you can put this one in any weather and it will hold up to all of the elements...even that insane Florida humidity! I have to say, we could actually feel this fan {and all of the others} drastically cool the spaces they were in! I was shocked that this fabulous outdoor space could feel fabulous {temperature-wise} too in June in FLORIDA, you guys!

If in the West Palm Beach area, you want to stay in {and cool} in this Airbnb that is SO full of character!

Design A Fan

Hunter also challenged us bloggers to team up and design our own ceiling fans! I have to say, this challenge was SO MUCH FUN! I teamed up with Lauren, Kristi, and Patrick O’Connell {Hunter’s design director who helped and guided us}. Talk about a dream team that I was able to be a part of! I love to see how others think, work, and process! We brainstormed and hit the pavement so that we could create our mood board for this challenge! This including visiting several lovely boutiques, including Hive, AERIN, and a few others in the beautiful and iconic Worth Avenue shopping area.

My favorite was visiting Restoration Hardware’s stunning flagship store! If you’ve never been to a RH flagship, I have to say, it’s quite an experience! This one was four stories of pure beauty. We were given an exclusive tour and even had lunch in their rooftop restaurant. It was an incredible experience and I can’t wait to eat at their restaurant again one day! It almost felt like we were in Paris. All of the food we ate {we tried just about the entire menu, ha ha} was truly exceptional! Special shoutout to the truffled grilled cheese!

I have seriously contemplated a mirror collection on our stairwell for quite some time! So luxe!

After our shopping excursion we regrouped at the Airbnb and finished our fan designs, mood boards, and presentations. Everyone had wonderful fan designs! Ours was a lucite beauty with antique brass finishes! If this one makes the cut one day, I think it’s safe to say our team will be over the moon about it! ;) Either way, this exercise was so much fun and such a great learning experience as well.

We ended the day at The Regional and it was so delicious that I’m craving their dark chocolate bundino as I type this!

Hunter Knows How to Play

Aside from all of the aforementioned fun, we also went on a bike tour that allowed us to tour some of the most beautiful homes/properties on the island! Oh the architecture and landscape were simply amazing and I loved this pink door that matched perfectly with my outfit. ;) After, we had a wonderful lunch at Grandview Public Market. We were also able to tour the Norton Museum which was outstanding. I love museums, you guys; I always have and I always will.

Our farewell dinner was at Lynora’s and was absolutely perfect! The Italian dishes were scrumptious and the company was fabulous as well.

Forever Grateful

What can I say, this is a weekend that will go down in the books forever and I will be forever grateful to Hunter Fan Company and its wonderful team for taking us under their wings: Anna, Erin, Michele, Patrick and Chris! You guys are so incredibly talented and inspiring - absolute rockstars! I have new understanding and appreciation for all that goes into good fan design. Also, a great BIG thank you to Olivia and Megan from The Zimmerman Agency! You are such a sweet and fun power duo and make everyone feel welcome! This was my first media trip and one I will never forget. You guys, this is a hard gig {blogging/social media}, so when opportunities like this arise, it really is part of the fuel that keeps us going and inspired, along with all of you, of course! I really am so thankful and so humbled that I was able to enjoy such luxurious and educational weekend! Thank you, thank you, to all who made it possible!



*The biggest thank you Hunter and The Zimmerman Agency for sponsoring this dream trip!