The Home Depot to the Rescue!

Hello, friends! I think we can all agree that fresh paint on our walls is very much like fresh sheets on our beds - GLORIOUS! Our upstairs hallway and den were in DIRE need of a fresh coat of paint! I mean like over a decade dire, which is completely embarrassing to admit, but the sad truth. Hey, this house of ours is a constant work in progress and I don't mind sharing that with you guys. ;) Prepare yourselves for some not so pretty, grainy, dark before photos below...

{The photos above are just a few humbling before photos]

Our old grey paint had served its time. It was now dingy and made our upstairs {especially the hallway} feel a bit cavernous. I have been more than ready to finally have our upstairs coordinate with all the changes we've made to our downstairs, and fresh paint has definitely helped set a new canvas for just that! Not to mention, our new, beautiful furniture and home decor for our upstairs landing! Did you know The Home Depot has gorgeous furniture and home decor, guys?!? I didn't realize how vast their selection is until recently, and I have to say, I'm hooked!

Where to start..

So, we started by painting our walls and trim! Contrast trim has been trending lately, but really, it has been around forever and is timeless. I knew I wanted to incorporate it in our home with this painting project, and Behr Paint had the most stunning selection of paints, so it worked out perfectly. It was also important to me that the contrast trim was subtle. I have to tell you, we love the colors we selected; more than I could have anticipated.

In-Store Paint Center...

We loved using The Home Depot In-Store Paint Center! I showed how to use in on my Instagram stories and saved it to my highlights, if you care to take a look. I had so many people messaging me about how excited they were to try the app after I gave a demo on my stories. Basically, you simply upload a photo of your space and are able to see a paint color, of your choice, in that space! Not to mention, you can order your paint right there on the app! Talk about convenient and so fun!

We tried a variety of whites and greys, because those are the colors we knew we wanted to incorporate. In the end, we chose Polar Bear for the walls and Seagull Gray for the trim. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM, you guys! They are such calm and clean colors. The white is warm, but not too warm. The grey is just gorgeous! It' my favorite grey paint to date and believe me, I've used many! I have to say, Behr Paint was wonderful to use and we loved its coverage.

I love the way everything looks so much brighter, cleaner, and even more serene now.

A touch of Paris...

For our stair landing, I wanted a bit of a Parisian feel. So, I started with a statement piece - this STUNNING, ornate mirror! I love this beauty so much and I love that it looks like an antique. It looks almost as though I found it a flea market in Paris. :) Next, I found this beautiful armchair. Again, French inspired and oh so comfy!

I absolutely love how the beautiful aged gold table fits in too! It has two glass shelves, which I found perfect for some more fun finds from The Home Depot: this sweet candleholder with an LED candle, a glass terrarium, and this fillable lamp and shade. I have always wanted a fillable lamp! Our friend Pam, who you may remember passed away not too long ago, had one similar to this that I just adored as a child and adult. It was so lovely and I'm so happy I finally have one myself! I filled it with some seashells Dominic collected for me on a recent vacation. I have to say, it makes me so happy! Inside the terrarium, I added a few other collected treasures as well. If you know me, you know I love collecting bits of nature, especially on vacations, and displaying them in our home. Last, for this landing I wanted a plant/florals/grasses, something wispy and hardy. When I found this Russian Sage, I knew it was just perfect. It may make its way into our tiny garden, but for now, I am loving it here. If I plant it, you can bet you'll find some of its cuttings here in no time. I found the inexpensive terra-cotta pot {and saucer} and plan to give it an aged look, so stay tuned for that.

Our builder grade carpet is something we hope to replace soon here, but I figured some runners would help hide it for now and will be great when we replace our floors. Win, win! These runners are AMAZING! The colors are neutral and simply beautiful. They're named Paris Fremont, which I found fitting. ;) The design really is so lovely. They have a bit of grey in them as well, which tie in nicely with the painted trim and doors. Liberty and Luka have been big fans of these runners and are enjoying them daily!

Before a refresh/revamp, start with a fresh canvas...

We also added a fresh coat of paint to our upstairs den and it has made it so much brighter in here as well! Painting in here motivated us to start cleaning this space out, while envisioning a new direction. We plan to revamp this entire space very soon. In my opinion, paint is always the best place to start when refreshing any space!

{Our upstair's den before}

{Ahhh...after...fresh paint and some cleaning out and soon more changes to come!}

The blah door...

Along with paint, we also wanted to add some character and more light at the end of our long hallway, so we decided to do something fun with our daughters' bathroom door! It's just a builder grade, pre-fab, hollow door. Very basic, but still full of potential. So the truth is, I've always wanted a vintage door with a frosted window for my and Dominic's bathroom. You know, like the old office doors you see in old movies?!? I've kept an eye out over the years, but haven't found one quite yet. I did see some inspirational DIY doors on Pinterest, but I kept looking for an old one with yummy hardware. Maybe one day, but until then, I decided we should do this with our girls' bathroom door. This end of the hallway can get so dark whenever the door is closed and a frosted window seemed like the perfect solution to add light and character, while maintaining privacy. Luckily, The Home Depot had all we needed to execute this door project and I will be blogging all about it soon. The added sticker "Mermaids Only" adds so much extra whimsy, don't you think?

{More to come on this project, but again, I just love the subtle contrast paint and runner!}

Painting the town grey...

I love the Seagull Gray paint so much that I decided paint even more than I had originally planned! I decided to paint the handrail in our stairway and our front door the same grey color and I'm so glad I did! That's how much I LOVE this color, guys! It really is a beautiful and calming color. I'm always looking to add both of those elements to our home. I also decided to add this brass kick plate to our front door and it is a game changer! I love the character it added to another one of our builder grade doors. Seriously, I'm obsessed with it. Talk about adding a lot of bang for your buck! I now want to paint and add another brass kick plate to our garage door as well!

{I cannot get over that brass kick plate against the seagull gray paint.}

{Although I enjoyed the before green paint seen here on our front door and stair handrail, I was ready for a change. Again, a more neutral, calming palette was my goal.}

{After handrail - I love how switching the handrail to the subtle seagull gray brightened our entire stairwell.}

It's amazing what paint can do for a space, isn't it?!? I'm happy to tell you that The Home Depot is having a Labor Day promotion on Behr Paint - $10 off 1 gallon or $40 off 3 or 5 gallons! Hooray! Just in time for autumn and for those holidays that are sneaking up on us! So, to you, my friends, I raise my paint brush and paint can and wish you luck on your next painting adventure!



*A great BIG thank you to The Home Depot for sponsoring this post!