Mermaids Only...

Hey guys! Okay, I've been telling you that I would share the tutorial for our frosted, Mermaids Only door. Here it finally is! This once boring, builder grade, hollow door that leads to the bathroom that our three daughters share just got major upgrade and in a short amount of time and for not a lot of money! We found everything we needed at The Home Depot and did this on a Saturday afternoon. I love quick, easy, and affordable projects! I mentioned in my previous blog post how this side of the hallway used to be so dark, and honestly, so blah too. The window in the bathroom is west-facing and so the natural light is especially wonderful in the afternoons and evenings now. Plus, we still have the privacy needed for the bathroom!

Here are the supplies we purchased for this fun DIY:

- square dowels

- acrylic window panel (ours was 30.5 x 18.5" but used whatever size you prefer - also the panel still has the peel away film on it in this photo. It's actually clear without it.)

- frosted glass spray paint

- trim

Additional supplies we used that we already had:

- nail gun

- ruler

- pencil

- finishing nails

- jig saw

- tape measure

I promise, this is easier than you might think! Ha ha! Also, do you like our very quick & easy workshop set up? ;)

Okay, so here's how it went down...

I have to tell you guys that we used an acrylic panel over a glass one, even though they were similar in price. Our reason for was simply safety. Did I mention our three daughters use this bathroom? Two are teens and they have a ton of friends over, so this door gets a ton of use and is often slammed, so this was the best bet for us. ;) I didn't want to risk a glass one at this point in our lives. However, if you want a glass panel, The Home Depot does carry them in the same area of the store where we found this one.

Back to the how-to:

Dominic measure for the panel - we the used panel as the template

Then he drilled a hole to allow for the blade to be more easily inserted

He cut out the hole for the panel with jig saw

He removed the cardboard that was inside the door - in some areas there was actual wood, which he simply chiseled out

He inserted dowels between the panels of the door, basically creating a frame, then secured with nail gun

Before securing those pieces in be sure the acrylic panel fits

Measure and cut trim moulding for each side of the door - don't forget you will need to do this for both sides of the panel/door

Meanwhile, I was frosting the panel. Once panel was frosted we installed the panel and used nail gun to secure it into place

Caulk and paint

Frost like an ice queen:

I used Rust-oleum's frosted glass spray paint. Use as directed and be sure to wipe off any dust or debris on your surface before spraying. I sprayed several coats on each side (about 4-5) because I wanted both sides to have the frosted feel and I wanted ample coverage - again, three daughters. ;) I waited about 5-10 mins between coats. It will look like it's not covering at first and it will look weird and blotchy in between coats, but just keep trusting the process. Spray evenly, although admittedly I am not a perfectionist with such things and sort of just went for Dominic's not so shocked, but a bit panicked, horror. Hey, I think it turned out just fine. I did wipe it down in between a couple of couples just because I thought it looked like it might have needed it, but maybe that was just me.

I knew I wanted the window to have something fun, but not necessarily permanent on it. So, I asked Lorena from Talented Kitchen to create a sticker for me and she achieved the exact look I was hoping for! Yay! She typically creates beautiful labels for organization, but I had a feeling she would knock this one out of the park and she did! I know I saw it often, but keep thinking outside of the box for your own homes.

There you go, friends! It really was a fun and simple project. Like I mentioned in my last blog post, maybe one day I'll find that antique door with a similar window panel, but until then, we have created our own!