Comfy, Cozy and Oh So Pretty...

Hi guys! You may or may not know, but we've been revamping our upstairs den these past couple of months and this GORGEOUS Orson Sectional from Room & Board totally set the tone! This is one of the most "loved" spaces in our home, in other words, we have this room packed with teens/young adults pretty much every weekend and we LOVE it! When I decided to revamp this space, I really did keep them, their comfort and needs in mind. I'm so glad Room & Board easily met all of those needs, and in one gorgeous package too, might I add. ;)


First off, I knew I wanted a sectional and I wanted to make sure our new sectional was comfortable, and boy, did I knock this one out of the park with this choice, or rather Room & Board knocked this one out of the park. ;) This beauty is insanely comfortable, yet supportive - a winning combination! Our daughters and their friends who love to hang out in here have all given it rave reviews this past month! I have to say, Dominic and I agree with those rave reviews. We find ourselves sneaking up here during the day, when all of the kids are gone, and we love to break out our laptops, get comfy and get to work on this magical cloud. Like I said - comfy and supportive! Plus, all of the pillows make for easy adjustments however you like!


I almost went with white...almost...but then I remembered all of those aforementioned teens. ;) Grey is one of my favorite colors! I just love it - its neutrality, warmth, moodiness, and timelessness. The grey I chose is Destin Grey. I wanted something on the lighter end of the grey spectrum and this is just PERFECT! I also love the linen-like look. It really is so lovely! As you know, I'm not afraid of a bold color either, hence my emerald green velvet sofa downstairs, which is also from Room & Board by the way. If you're not familiar, click here to see more.


I felt the chaise deserved its own section because I love it that much! It's one of my favorite spots to curl up and work here in our den! It's such a great size and can easily seat two! Not to mention that comfy factor once again! I should have gotten a sectional with a chaise long ago! They're pretty darn fabulous. ;)


Something else you may love about this sectional is that you can configure it SOOO many different ways! Head to Room & Board's website to see what I mean about the customization possibilities. I chose the 103" sofa with left arm chaise and it's the perfect fit for us! I love that it's extra long! I do have to say that I love the two-piece double chaise sectional I saw when browsing their website; it's such a fun theater-like option! You really can customize almost any design, size and color you can imagine!

Room & Board has the most beautiful furniture and something for everyone! They have amazing, white-glove delivery too. Both times they've delivered our sofas, they went above and beyond. Trust me, Dominic and I felt extra thankful that we didn't have to bring this beauty upstairs on our own. ;)

We are very thankful to have found the perfect piece for this space! It really was important to me to get this sectional just right for the many wonderful people who lounge on it day after day and I'm so happy it's here in time for the holidays! Winning!



*A great big thank you to Room & Board for sponsoring this post! I really am quite the fan of their gorgeous, high quality furniture!