A Bit of Christmas Cheer In Our New Dining Room...

Hello friends! As you know, we are now in our new home, and we are absolutely LOVING it! If you follow me on Instagram (especially my IG stories) then you know we've been hard at work every single day! Moving into Pam's packed house, with all of our own stuff from our own packed house, and during the holidays, has sure made for A LOT of work and A LOT of fun. However, no complaints here! We are embracing it, all of Pam's lovely treasures, and we are so very thankful! We decided early on (before moving) that we still wanted to deck the halls for our first Christmas in our new house, even in the midst of filtering through, and packing Pam's stuff (what to keep, give away, donate, etc), unpacking our stuff, ripping out carpet, doing our actual jobs, and getting somewhat settled. It's been crazy, but oh so good! It's the kind of exhaustion that makes you smile at night because you see the progress being made each day, and because you can see the full picture for the future. With all of this, of course keeping a clean home has been important too, especially during this pandemic. If you know me, you know I love and rely on my Weiman products for my cleaning routine. Getting our dining room somewhat Christmas-ready was so much fun! Click here to see how I started to prepare and decorate our dining room, and which products came in handy for creating this magical space for my family, even in the midst of boxes, tack strips, and all that comes with moving.



*Thank you to Weiman for sponsoring this post and making our holidays cleaner and shinier too!