An inexpensive & beautiful way to decorate your Christmas tree!

Hi friends! I thought I would share last year's Christmas tree with you guys on my blog, because its simplicity was such a big hit with all of you on Instagram! As I've been thinking of what a challenging Christmas this may be for most, if not, all of us, I was reminded of how special and inexpensive our living room tree was last year. I really wanted a classic, nostalgic tree, and I knew I wanted to recruit my family for the job as well. I wanted to create new memories, while making my workload a bit lighter as well. ;)

Here are the materials we used:

- orange slices

-parchment paper

- popcorn

-twine/yarn/fishing line

-large sewing needles

- tree candles {completely optional, I just had these on-hand but lights will do}

There are so many how-to dry orange slices tutorials out there {hello, Pinterest}, so I won't bore you with those details, but let's just say a little parchment paper and some orange slices in your oven should do the trick. We used twine that we already had to string ours, but yarn, ribbon, or fishing line would work as well.

Tip: deeper orange-colored oranges dry a bit more orange, lighter colored ones dry a bit more yellow-ish. Your house will smell divine either way!

Stringing popcorn is very straight-forward as well, so again, I'll spare you. We used fishing line for ours {again, we had it on-hand already} and it worked like a champ. Obviously, don't butter or season the popcorn you plan to string on your tree; however be sure to butter and season some in a bowl on the side to eat while you work. ;)

While stringing our garlands of orange slices and popcorn, we watched one of our favorite Christmas movies, talked, laughed, complained, teased, encouraged, complimented, and everything in-between - ha! It was the sweetest time. However, once we strung our "works of art" and saw how beautiful the simple ornaments hung on our tree, we all agreed that it was our favorite Christmas tree yet. We still look back very fondly on that day. It was a day that required very little cost, a bit more time, and a just go-with-the-flow mentality.

You will have some mishaps, you'll wish you had sliced your oranges a bit thicker or a bit thinner, there will be trial and error, but at the end of it all you'll realize it came together somehow and it actually looks pretty darn good. The most important thing is to make it fun and make it special somehow - whether doing it together as a family, as a couple, or alone, our mindset can make all of the difference, as we all know. Laugh off your mistakes, put on your favorite Christmas music or movie, dance around a bit, and when it's all done, stand back and admire your work. Imperfections and all, pat yourself on the back, because you did it, and it looks beautiful!