Drawing Room Refresh...

Hello friends! We have been busy working away on the new house {insert yawn, ha ha!}, as you very well know, if you follow me on Instagram. The drawing room {as we decided to name it} was one of the spaces I could not wait to tackle! The giant picturesque window draws me into this room several times as day, the perfect spot to view our beautiful Sandia Mountains. It's such a tranquil space and I really wanted to capture its serenity in every way possible. As I began to envision what the space could be after giving it a fresh coat of paint, I knew the rug would really set the foundation for the rest {next to the paint}. I remembered that Annie Selke had some gorgeous rugs, perfect for the feel I wanted to capture in here! I'm so thankful for Annie Selke's partnership in helping to put on the finishing touches in our drawing room. Aside from hanging artwork, this space feels complete {for now ;)}, and it feels like us, with sprinkles of Pam. Before I show you more views and details of the space, here's a little before of the dining room rug that we moved into this space temporarily. It was all wrong, but we made do, because we wanted to see what this space needed as the house evolved...

And after...big exhale. I feel like the space can breathe better now...

Back to this rug!

Oh this glorious rug! We had temporarily placed Pam's dining room rug in this space and the way it clashed with the floral wingback chairs drove me nuts. Needless to say, I was a happy camper when the new rug made its arrival! This is the Zhara Stripe Ivory Rug in 9x12. It is sooo soft underfoot and Liberty and Luka cannot get enough of it, neither can the rest of us! This is an Indoor/Outdoor rug, and one of the reasons I selected it, because I knew it had performance fibers...meaning, it can stand up to a lot of wear and tear, including pups. Don't even get me started on the texture - oh my! It also comes in a beautiful blue color jsyk. ;)

Let's talk about the coordinating throw pillows, shall we?!?

I love these beauties as well and how they help to tie the space together. These floral wingback chairs belonged to Pam and I actually really love them. Maybe one day I'll want to reupholster/replace them, but not today. The honey oak legs were not my favorite though and I knew sanding them down to their raw state would add an instant refresh to their look. Do you remember when we did this with our circular table in our banquette area in our old house? We loved the results, and so I took a power sander to the legs, and fell even more in love with Pam's pretty chairs! However, I do have to say that the new Zhara Ivory pillows help to refresh them even more! Again, that scrumptious texture!

Speaking of pillows, I'm also in love with the giant Marshmallow Fleece Ivory pillow that you see on the floor!

It is next level on the softness scale! I'm using it as a floor pillow {not its original intent} for guests/Luka, ha! However, now I want two more of these pillows for our bed! It's that good, that cozy!

Now about this STUNNING lumbar pillow, which I'm slightly obsessed with!

This is the Oiseaux Emroidered 15" lumbar and the details are just beautiful! If you've been following me a while, you know I have a LOVE for birds, so this beauty with its little songbirds really speaks to and makes me happy! Pam also loved birds and I think she would approve as well. :) The colors are so soft and just perfect.

More texture please!

I also wanted to add a bit of texture to our sofa {a soft landing for Luka} and knew this Ivory Sheepskin would be just perfect! I chose it in the 2'x6' and it's the perfect size! It feels like a cloud!

A few more details...

Aside from adding all of these beautiful new accessories from Annie Selke, fresh paint, sanded chair legs, artwork that is being created as we speak, I also decided to switch out one of Pam's darker end tables for a lighter basket one that we had. I think it broke up the heaviness a bit. I'm a sucker for traditional, but I do like a few unexpected, youthful twists in the mix. Don't worry, the before side table is a definite keeper and relocating elsewhere in the house. ;)

We still have a few finishing touches to make in our new space {ahem, hanging stuff on the walls}, but it's coming together! We're loving it so much and the quality of our new Annie Selke items is outstanding, I could tell from the first touch. I must admit that I'm excited to add more Annie Selke beauty into our home as we progress! Now, off to watch the sunset reflect off of the mountains in this window.



*Thank you to Annie Selke for partnering with us to make this space a complete dream!!! We are grateful!!!