In case you missed it: WE'RE MOVING!!!

{Every time I see this photo the song, House on a Hill, by Amanda Lindsey Cook comes to mind.}

Hi friends! It's true, we're moving! If you follow me on Instagram, you've heard the news by now, but in case you don't, let me fill you in a bit. I'm going to give you the quick Reader's Digest version, because I need to get back to packing. ;) You see, the house we have purchased isn't just any old house, it's Pam's house. Just a little background - my mother cleaned Pam's house for forty-three years; in fact when I was younger, it was a family affair and we all pitched in...and we LOVED it. We loved it because Pam's house was magical, like something I had never seen before - full of antiques, oil paintings, built-ins, english influence (she loved England), whimsy, and full of...well, Pam. However, the main reason we loved going to her house every Friday was because of Pam herself. I've said it before, but Pam really was one of the kindest and most generous persons I have ever had the privilege of knowing. She became our family and I believe we became hers. Cleaning her home NEVER felt like work. Even as an adult, if my mom needed extra help cleaning her weekly houses, due to a surgery or after my brother's passing, I always quickly volunteered to go "help" her with Pam's! My sister did the same. ;) Why? Because everyone loved Pam's house, everyone loved Pam. When Pam passed away a couple of years ago our entire family was DEVASTATED. Her passing came not even a year after my brother's, and our freshly broken hearts only shattered that much more, which we didn't even know was possible. A world without Pam...such a dreary thought. Sadly, about a year-and-a-half later, Pam's widower Rick passed away unexpectedly. We couldn't believe it. Pam knew how much I (and my entire family) loved her home; its unique layout, and 1947 character, just set it apart from others. She even helped us keep an eye out for similar homes in her neighborhood, however, none of them compared in my book. Her home really was like a second home to us, which says so much about Pam. I mean I took some of my first crawls and steps on her plush carpet. One thing you're about to learn through our renovations is that very few people loved carpet as much as Pam. ;) Bottom line is, Pam LOVED her home and it showed. Her love for her home was contagious, and I believe she (along with my mom), helped me to grow a deep love and appreciation in designing my own spaces/home from a very young age.

{Pam and my mom. Pam had the best holiday sweaters/cardigans!}

Pam never had children of her own, and I often think her home was sort of like her child. Of course she had her fur babies, but she adored her home too. She took such care, thought, love and intention with every inch of it. She documented every renovation, nook and cranny in her magical home. I've joked with Dominic that Pam had a home blog/Instagram account before blogs/Instagram existed, because of how well she recorded all of it. That said, when we realized her home was going to go on the market, Dominic and I felt this innate desire to rescue it. We knew we wanted to not only care for her home, and make sure an investor didn't come and just bulldoze it down, but we also wanted to carry on Pam's legacy. She was worthy of that. I know all of her friends feel the same way and are doing the same thing in their own ways to honor her legacy as well. For us, for our family, this was a feasible way for us to do so. It's been a long journey, but completely worthwhile. We've made some priceless friends along the way, learned and grew A LOT - individually, as a couple, as a family and in our walks with the Lord. I call that a win all across the board! So, here we are, about to finally move in and we're beyond humbled, thrilled, emotional, thankful, all of the things one feels when they've been given a gift, a treasure, they do not deserve.

{Sorry, I only have grainy iPhone photos of her house at the time. I took a lot of photos this past year as we awaited our new home. I'm so glad I did and I have it photographed in every season.}

We plan to bring you along for the renovations, so stay tuned for that! Our goal is to keep the integrity of Pam's home, to keep Pam's influence in there somehow as well, but to make it ours at the same time. I think Pam would want that. We want that. Our lives were changed, enriched because of this beautiful, godly, kind soul. I can still hear her thick Kentucky accent in response to my weekly whine that I was hungry, while my mom was cleaning her house mind you - "What would you like, Nichol?" This was my perfect entrance into her pantry, where she had name brand cereals, something we never had because of our humble means, a pantry that looked like a grocery store to me. She would then kindly serve me my Frankenberry or Count Chocula, which come to think of it, she probably only had because of me. That's just a teeny glimpse into who Pam was, the kind of lady who not only gave a job to a family in need and allowed her housekeeper to bring her children into her house full of antiques week-after-week, but she also served others repeatedly in various ways, and never made anyone feel like a nuisance while doing so. I really could go on, and I guess this was not at all the Reader's Digest version of our story, but as I began to type, I just knew I had to give you more background of who Pam was. However, this is only the beginning! More to come! Until then, just know we are honored and do not take this task lightly. We just pray we can carry on Pam's legacy in a way that would make her smile down on us.