Our Dream Bathroom...

Hello friends! Guess what?!? Our bathroom is nearly done and it is everything we ever dreamed of...and then some! If you follow my stories on Instagram, you know that Dominic and I have been tackling so many projects and renovations ever since moving into our new home, and this bathroom was at the top of our list! We have a few loose ends to tie up in here; we'd like to eventually replace the window for one that opens, but this one will do for now and we really don't mind it. :) I have to say that I'm just seriously so in love with every single thing in our new bathroom, my entire family is! To be honest, I had been stalking Signature Hardware for a few years now, and dreaming of having a bathroom full of their beautiful products! Well, my dream came true, and I'm still pinching myself! It seriously takes my breath away! Taking the carpet out in this bathroom {and throughout} was one of the first things we tackled when moving in, which unveiled the damaged retro blue tile. I do love preserving what we're able in this home, but these tiles simply weren't us, aside from the fact that they were damaged. So, we began planning away, and knew that we wanted something bright, timeless, luxurious, yet completely functional. Thanks to Signature Hardware, this bathroom is all of those things!

Here's a little before, during, and after for you:

{Before - I did love and find Pam's bathroom so sweet and endearing. It just wasn't us and the carpet had to go. I did find a bolt of this fabric in a closet and hope to implement it back into our home one day.}

{This progress shot shows the retro blue tiles that were underneath the carpet...again, not us. This was the phase where my family avoided this bathroom like the plague. Ha ha!}

{After - now this is US! With a nod to Pam as well. So many decorative items in here belonged to her, including the vintage Ethan Allen side table.}

I often joke that this was the world's longest bathroom renovation, because we literally had everything for this renovation sitting in our garage since January of this year! We had hoped to complete our bathroom in April, but August wasn't so bad. ;) Truth is, we had a lot of obstacles that stood in our way - Covid has made everything delayed, as we all know, including contractors. We did hire plumbers for this job {it took a good while to get them to pencil us in}, and decided to hire a contractor to do the rest...HOWEVER, we could not get contractors to either come out, or come back, they're all so booked up right now! We did get one contractor that seemed promising, until we received their quote. Let's just say that I still keep wondering if there was an extra zero in their quote that they didn't realize was there, lol. ;) Anyway, through this process we realized we really are better off tackling projects ourselves, and since we saved a ton of money doing so, we decided to take a little break and go on quick trip to NYC! It was just what we needed to rejuvenate and confirm our design decisions for this space. Now, I get not everyone prefers, or can take the DIY approach, but everyone can find beautiful products at Signature Hardware! I'm telling you, they have the most BEAUTIFUL products!

From day one, I knew that I wanted a claw foot tub in this bathroom. Actually, I have dreamed of having one since I was a little girl, just ask my mother. ;) I'm obsessed with the brass feet on this beauty and the tub is so nice and deep! I also appreciate that Lena Clawfoot comes in two different sizes! Since this bathroom will serve as one of our guest bathrooms AND our daughters' bathroom as well, we needed a shower in here too. I love the gorgeous brass shower head and riser; don't get me started on the oval shower curtain rod and this incredible deck-mount faucet! So dreamy! I really wanted an extra long shower curtain, one that pools on the ground, and it was hard to find one that I really loved. Enter, this beautiful duvet that my sister-in-law sent us! It's from France and didn't fit our bed, but I desperately wanted to display it somewhere, and turns out this is the perfect spot! I simply used curtain rod rings to hang it, and paired it with shower curtain liners to make it waterproof. I love that I can easily pop it into the washer too!

Our Cierra Vanity is a complete dream as well! Since our home was built in 1946/7, I wanted to keep a vintage feel throughout, and this vanity is just perfect! Due to the original built-in and medicine cabinet in here, we knew storage would not be an issue, so I wanted something that didn't eat up a lot of visual space, especially since this bathroom is fairly small. Of course, brass had to fit somewhere in the equation, and this vanity met all of those needs/desires! I love the shape of the Shannon Faucet! To me, it mimics a swan and so I had to have it! The cross handles are just perfect and we appreciate the deep sink. Also, the Deck-Mount Supply underneath the sink add so much beauty! I'm telling you, Signature Hardware has thought of everything!

Last, but certainly not least...the high tank toilet! I had no idea a toilet would demand so much attention on social media! I had so many people sharing it on their own accounts and commenting on how they never knew a beautiful toilet could exist! I must agree, this one is a beauty alright! As I've mentioned before, we also want to keep a European feel in our home, so this toilet was PERFECT! Little details, like this toilet supply kit and flange make all of the difference as well in here! I have to say, it's actually fun to flush, it even feels a bit regal, ha ha. Who knew?!? I have a mahogany seat that I plan to switch out with the white one every now and then too. I guess you can say that I'm a bit extra and that's okay with me. ;) Mahogany toilets have always been appealing to me and I'm loving this easy and quick way to change the entire feel of this space! The bird prints {with the mahogany frames} belonged to Pam, so they make me extra happy as well!

Speaking of Pam, she loved bees so much, which is why I chose the gorgeous carrara marble hexagon/honeycomb pattern. A nod to our beautiful friend.

Another goal in this house that we tried to achieve in this space is classic, timeless, and traditional with a touch of modern {hence the alabaster wall sconces} and I think our goal was met! I cannot say enough about our beautiful, new/old, Signature Hardware bathroom!

I can say that I cried tears of joy when I saw it all come together. So much of this renovation journey has evoked such strong emotions. We want to honor Pam in each space, but still create our own home here. This feels like we did exactly both of those things and I'm thankful. You must head over to Signature Hardware and feast your eyes on their stunning products! They've exceeded my expectations in quality, beauty, and service! I've already found items for our next bathroom renovation! Eek! Perhaps I should take a bath first and enjoy this one. ;) I also need to force Dominic to do the same, he really knocked this one WAY out of the park! I'm so grateful for how handy and hardworking he is! One bathroom down and it feels SO GOOD!



*A million thanks to Signature Hardware for partnering with us on this project!