The Luxury Vinyl Floor That Withstood the Test of Time…And Our Family

Hello again! As you guys know, we had our gorgeous STAINMASTER® PetProtect™ luxury vinyl installed upstairs last December, and boy, has it withstood A LOT this past year! We broke it in instantly with our HUGE annual Christmas Eve party, obviously pre-pandemic. Every year, we have a giant Christmas Eve party, it's the absolute BEST! Basically, we invite just about everyone we know, and then those people often invite people we don't know, which we love and encourage; we just hate the thought of anyone not having a place to go for Christmas. As you can imagine, it makes for a FULL house, upstairs and downstairs. People make their way throughout our house all night long. So, our floor was instantly heavily trafficked. ;) Obviously, this year will look very different, but we will still have fun and plenty of delicious food.

Just a few short months after our big party, COVID hit, and our entire family {like yours} was home more than ever. Of course, that came with its own challenges, but can I just say how thankful we were/are that our new floor was installed! Not only because it brightened our entire second floor and is gorgeous to look at, but also because it can handle all that our family has thrown its way: paint, ink, spilled drinks, teenage girls who take hour long showers and leave the bathroom floor wet as a result of those showers, teenage boys, a Great Dane, a feisty Yorkie, a TON of laundry in our tiny laundry room upstairs, greasy foods, makeup, nail polish, hairspray, workouts, oh I could go on! And guess what?!? It looks just as beautiful and flawless today as it did on the day it was installed! Doesn't it look gorgeous in our daughters' bedrooms?!? The last bedroom was our oldest daughter's bedroom. As you know she got married this summer, so it's a bit sparse now. ;)

As you know, we recently sold our home, and every single person who came to view our home fell in LOVE with the floor upstairs, our buyer included! How could they not?!? The fact that it's waterproof and stain-resistant certainly made it a selling point as well. I do have to say, we will miss this floor greatly. Our buyer is in for a treat! It's sooo glorious and we wish we could pick it up and take it with us to the new house! That's how much we love it!

Not to mention, its pretty texture makes it so realistic too, and Liberty and Luka don't slip on this floor {unlike our downstairs laminate} because STAINMASTER® took the time and thought to make it pet-friendly. We're so thankful they did and I really cannot recommend it enough! Be sure to head over and take a look at their entire stunning selection, not only of their luxury vinyl, but gorgeous carpets as well! There are so many beautiful options!



*Thank you, STAINMASTER® for sponsoring this post and for making our home a brighter and more pleasant place to be! :D